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Ok here's the deal. There is this girl I have been talking to a lot. God I hope she isn't some like anonymous user on here or anything hah. Or maybe I do want her to read this LOL. So anyway I like her a lot. We have been texting, phone calling, emailing Iming all that fun stuff. I have met this girl through an online site. She was the first one to contact me. It was crazy because every time I emailed her she just emailed right back. Its like there was no game wait however many days, she was just cool and talked. I told her how much I liked her pics and she commented on how sexy she thought my smile was. Things started to get a little gameish when the phone calls began and she initiated a first date but then became 50 50 the next day about being able to make it. I said let me know. she left me hanging so I wrote her the day prior to the date and told her I decided to make other plans due to not hearing from her, she wrote back instantly apoligizing and said she was planning on calling me that night. She went on to say maybe next weekend you'll be free? So I planned a date for this sunday. Talking to her on IM the other day we were laughing so much and she said she was planning on bringing some of her friends to where we were meeting. Its an outdoor marina bar and restaurant. I said that was cool and looked forward to it. My question is should I cancel? I know it sounds crazy but I have been doing almost all of the initiating of conversation. I don't want to sound or be needy but I'm just scared for no reason really but every time things are going well with a girl things don't work out. I don't want to seem like I am really into her. I want for her to start chasing me a little. Plus every time I go online she seems to be online herself on that dating site. I know everyone plays the field and is looking for what is best for them. When isee she is online line I have written her an email saying "hey get on your IM etc etc. she always does and apparently has a blast talking to me, but it just seems strange she continues to be on their. Every girl that has continued to get in touch with me over the years is a girl I didn't care about and blew off. I'm only a challenge when I don't like someone. Do you think she is just talking to other guys thinking maybe things won't work with me and doesn't want to get her hopes up or am I getting played because I seem to be too interested and she just assumes Ill keep contacting her. I just want things to work out awesome for once. I want her to wonder about my interest and don't want to be so easy of a catch. For example after our Iming laughing like crazy session the other day. I texted her a few hrs later excited about my car getting fixed she wrote back happy for me. Then I just said thanks! then asked if she was doing anything fun tonight? no response. Its like she is playing the show interest then pull away game.


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  • I'd just go on the date and see how things go. Don't cancel because you're so close to finally meeting her. I think you will be kicking yourself if you pass up the opportunity to meet the girl you like so much, even if you have doubts of her intentions. Good luck!

    • I agree.. I don't know why I want to know what the other person is thinking so much. Ill just go have fun. I guess I have been getting back on their myself and reading messages but I still really like her.


    • Let me guess....this is Plent0fish and you haven't met? correct?

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    • Yup the date got cancelled again. I called at 1 pm for the 5 pm date just to make sure it was on.. I left a message saying hey I might be coming a little earlier you gonna be thier? and at what time? was this a mistake? I mean she left me hanging on the first one. So I didn't hear anything till I texted her at 4 saying hey, once again I was left hanging and I wasn't about to drive 45 mins unsure if you were going to be there so I'm staying in. Once again her excuse was a fam function running late

    • Yeah I would have put money on that one. It's the online dating dance and you just really don't know who the hell you are really talking to. She's lying to you and that's why she won' t meet you. Sorry, you deserve better your way too hot ;)

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