How many dates should a female experience?

I would like to know, when females go on dates, how many dates or months should she date to have sex with the person that's she is dating? and what do guys think of females when they give it up with the second or third date?


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  • I think you need to buy the entire series of sex and the city and watch it from start to finish--yes it is not real but most of the stories are based on events in the writers lives. I personally think that it is up to the two people involved. If you want to have sex after the first date that is on you but if he loses interest after you have to know that if is more than likely because you were no longer a conquest. If you like the guy and want to marry him or see him as marriage material then you should probably wait at least 6 months, let him get to know you and like you--guys are supposed to enjoy a chase. Personally, I waited to have sex with men for long periods (8 months plus) of time and they turned out to be losers anyway. I would now test the goods after maybe 5 dates to see if I like him sexually because if not you will be wasting time. I don't think guys really put a number of dates on how quickly they will judge you if you sleep with them but I do think if he likes you he likes you and if you both want each other sexually you should take the precautions and tempt fate. YOu have to decide ultimately and take to the guy about his feelings about sex on the first date or sex in general to gauge what you think would be appropriate to him. If he comes from a background of virtues and morals that wait until you feel you have established some ground and a stable relationship---maybe wait until you are officially his girlfriend.

    • SATC is a tv show and though I love it I wouldn't do anything they say in that show. Do what you want, when you want.

    • Although it is a tv show it still give you realistic information that you can use in life. If you watch it it answers questions like how man dates before you should have sex and the potential aftermath if you do it too soon. Yes it is Hollywood but with good questions and advice to single women from their 20 up. Sex is special for most woman so make sure when you choose to sleep with this man you realize you will develop some emotional attachment to him be ready 2 take deal with the consequences.

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  • My answer is different based on a person's age. The younger you are, the longer you should wait. I realize it is usually the other way around. Girls realize after being used a couple of times that holding back is a good idea.

    Now let me give you my answer for women over 21. I think a woman should sleep with the guy on the first date, if she thinks she wants to go on a second date. Here is my reasoning. Men lie to get a woman to sleep with him. This date is not likely her first sexual encounter, and she needs to know the truth about what kind of man he is before she gives her heart. So sleep with him on the first date and find out the following:

    Is he a good lover?

    Is he a jerk?

    is he worth spending any more time with?

    Is he worth falling in love with?

    Now that is thinking out of the box.

    I will also say that I have no respect for men who sleep with a woman on the first date and then think she is a slut. He is the same "whatever name" that he might call her, because he did the exact same thing, but worse. Because he is likely the aggressor who talked her into having sex.

    If this is the kind of guy you are going out with; it is best to find out before the second date. So he gets your body for one night, but better that he didn't steal your heart. The heart takes longer to heal than the bath you need to wash off his smell, and the memory does not last nearly has long.

    Good Luck,


    • Thinking out of The box alright lol although respecting your body should be in there I think.

    • If a girl rarely gives it up, she should not change her mind based on my opinion. But it is sad to see so many broken hearts because the truth is late in coming. At least save your heart until you know there is a reason to fall in love. But in an ideal world, save yourself for marriage... but who lives there?

  • Well I'm not a natural ladies man, I wasn't born with that gift so I've had to research and talk to people on how to win girls over. One of the rules of thumb that I have heard is that you should be able to move to the bedroom after 4-7 date hours, give or take a few. So that would place the norm around the second or third date. Sex to me is never the main goal of a relationship, though that doesn't mean that I'm not going to try and get it. However if I had to wait a while, I wouldn't be too put out.

  • Really, there is no clear cut number of dates you should go on first, in my opinion.

    For me it's varied anywhere from the second date to more than two months after the first date. If it is a girl I like and am interested in seriously dating (not a one-night stand or anything) than I don't mind waiting a little while.

    If you're wanting it to be a serious relationship, don't give it up early just because he wants you to, if he cares about you and the relationship he will wait until you are ready.

  • From my understanding, girls make guys wait because the girl wants to make sure that the guy is into her and not just her body. I have absolutely no problem with that and I think it's a good move on the female's part. I guess it depends on her goals. For the most part, I think that a guy would probably have sex as soon as possible. If I'm really into the girl, I'd wait 2-3months if she wanted me too. After that time period, she probably has some trust issues and I'm not sure if I'd want to be with her any longer.

    If you want to move from "dating" (meaning you can still see other people) to "exclusive dating" (only seeing that one person) then make the guy wait till as long as you feel comfortable, but not too long! That way, if the guy isn't into you, you'll know soon and won't have put a lot of energy and time into him.


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  • It really depends on the guy you're dealing with. I've had sex on my first date and some kept coming back for more, and some never came back because they had already reached their goal. But I was fulfilled in both situations even if they call me "easy" because I've kept a mind set that all I want from them was a hook up, nothing more. Obviously if I was far more interested in his personality than his good looks, I won't give it to him until we started dating and reached our first month anniversary. Make it more of a special occasion more than a casual thing. So that he would work for it.

  • Are you serious? You first be mature enough not to ask this question. There is no certain time frame. I don't believe in kissing on the first date. I believe both parties are still getting to know

    one another and by not kissing you leave the door open to calling back or fly fishing.

    Either way, if you are mature enough, whether the relationship works past the first intimacy or not could be handled. You wouldn't put all your dreams into that one time. If you truly feel that you are ready, go for it. Be sure to practice safe sex, afterall, what if this is a one nighter?

    Good Luck. I hope that you mature enough to handle your questions.

  • There can be no time frame because with a guy it may feel right for me to have sex with him after 3 weeks and with someone else it may not feel right for 3 months.

    Have sex with the guy when you feel you're ready to. All that 3rd date stuff is a load of rubbish I think, such a thing doesn't exist here in the UK. I think that provides too much pressure.

    When the time is right you will know and then go for it!

  • In my day, girls who were "easy" were sluts. In the 80's, casual sex was all that. Then Aids. I think it would depend on the person you're with, and my personal perspective is about the chemistry. If its hot, why wait? Also, is it just about sex, or is it love? Practice safe sex, and good luck.

  • I only have sex with long term relationships so it's usually about a year or 2. when I really know him and I know he respects me and trusts me. or pretty much when I think I'm ready to make the move.

    If you sleep with a guy on the first 6 months he would never take you seriously and he'll probably rate you as easy.

    Guys appreciate a girl who respects herself if he doesn't it means he only wants your body and that's it.

  • i think its up to when you're comfortable.some men don't like waiting long and if that's the case then you shouldn't want to date them anyway.