Confusion with an ex boyfriend.

I recently got back in touch with an ex. We split around 17 months ago, his decision, and stopped talking altogether last August. That was my choice, he wanted to remain friends. Anyway, just over two weeks ago, he split with another long-term girlfriend. She found someone else. On the very day they broke up, he created a second MySpace page and requested I be his friend. I accepted, but we did not speak until around 12 days later because I wanted to know why he had added me. Since then we have been talking online a lot, always with him speaking first.

To this day I still have very strong feelings for him. I'm not sure if he's aware of this. I've tried dating others, meeting new people and generally trying everything I can to move on, but haven't been successful. Despite this, I am quite happy with my life.

Today though, after we had been speaking for a bit, he suddenly told me he had a date for this evening. I was shocked. I know he hates being single, but not even 3 weeks after breaking up with a girl he supposedly loved more than anyone else? It seems really soon to me. Not to mention I was a bit upset, not that I passed that on to him. I can't understand how he can change feelings so quickly. He was the same with me, and with the girlfriend before me, yet another girl who found someone else. Is he on the rebound, looking for a bit of a pick-me-up? And is he simply back in my life because he wants someone to boost his bruised ego? I can't help but think it, he is a very insecure person. But he's also one of the kindest too, so it seems wrong to believe that of him. Any opinions on this? :|

I guess it doesn't even matter now. After his date last night, he's now in a relationship. Should've known, he's never single for long.


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  • Sounds like this dude is the type that falls for women TOO quickly. How does a guy get into a relationship with a woman he JUST met? Seems to me like he has attachment issues. (This usually stems from childhood). OR since he is young, he is likely the type of guy who feels the need to "wife up" every woman he has sex with. Some guys do not know how to "get sex" unless they treat it as a relationship. (I can relate...many mothers teach their sons not to have sex outside of a what happens when he just wants sex?)

    Anyhow babe, you need to do your best to move on. Take up a new hobby, continue to socialize, speed date (which is fun) and be around friends. And most importantly, cut this dude OFF. Else he will break your heart again. Learn, grow and move on

    Good luck



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  • just continue to be his friend sometimes guys don't know what they want ,show him that you care but don't pressure him into anything! if you were a good women to him hell remember that and things can possibly turn in your favor!


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  • on your update you answered your own question he is never singled for long and using you to boost his ego drop him keep him at a long distance none of you probably didn't mean nothing to this man

    • Yeah, you're probably right. He hasn't even spoken to me since he got with this new girl. Oh well, time to forget him I think.

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