What would you call this "thing" I've got going on?

so I've never ever been in a situation like this, but recently I've been hanging out with this guy and we have sex every time we hang out. we met at a bar and did the whole sloppy make out thing, and exchanged numbers and have been talking ever since. it's been about a month, and we hang out like 3 times a week. I used to almost always be the first to text, but recently that's changed. I've been good at restraining myself, and it's been working. now he'll just text me to say what's up and what not. the texts are always late night, but I do work late hours.

we've never really established what we are, but I'm thinking it's just a booty call thing. I think I'm only OK with this because I'm going back to school in august, so it wouldn't really be worth it for me to start a relationship. he has said that I'm the only girl he's hooking up with but who knows?

we always have a lot of laughs together and what not. we drive around for hours. we talk. he tells me about his past relationships. we hold hands. sometimes cuddle after sex. take walks. he wanted me to go back to the bar with him last night, but I was in shorts and t-shirt ha ha cause I didn't think he'd have plans like that. he kisses me randomly on the forehead and cheek, and he always makes sure to give me a kiss on the lips goodnight (even last night when his brother was in the driveway when we pulled up). and he'll always say see you soon, I'll talk to you later...and then usually a day or two later he'll text me.

I'm kinda getting all sorts of confused about this situation. I know the best thing would be to just ask him, but like I said I've never been in a situation like this and would like some input. anybody else in a situation like this? any ideas on where this is going?


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  • wouldnt call it a booty call as such, but more of a fling treading on turning into a relationship, mybe just talk to him about it, either something good would happen or you will scare him away which wouldn't exactly be bad seeing as you are going to school and all that anyway, but really if he says "you are the only girl he's hooking up with" its a booty call to him, and he most likely is out there looking for more

    • Thanks for the input!

  • Who cares just enjoy it, he isn't treating you as a friends with benefits he acting more like a couple...


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