Why is he so rude to me? Maybe because I am just his rebound.

I broke up with my boyfriend that I dated for four months after I discovered that he was trying to contact his ex girlfriend by telling his cousin to tell her that she still is in his mind although they already broke up. Then I asked him. He said yes he still loves her.. then after that he sent another text message telling me that he loves her as a friend. Then we talked. he said that he really did not love me and I was just used to patch up his broken heart and fill his missing hole. I feel bad. He is such a jerk. Two weeks before this happened, we broke up also because we had a petty fight and he said that he didn't love me at all again that time. Then the day after we broke up, I went out with a guy to go to New York only as friends of course so that my friend can cheer myself up. Then he was mad... so mad. I explained everything and he wanted me back. If I was his rebound, then why will he be mad with the idea of me enjoying myself with another guy? He lied to me a lot of times. I'm confused with his behavior. He used me to forget his ex and now I feel like I am a good for nothing trashy girl. He is four years older than me and I am only 18. I feel like for my age I am more mature than him. Moreover, he could not get over his ex who cheated on him three times in a row but they were together for four years. I called him yesterday one day after we broke up. He was rude to me. I was on the phone and he just continuously practice his guitar. That's when I realize how such a jerk he is. Why me? He is my second boyfriend. Now I don't know if I can trust another guy again. I want to win not by winning him back but by being happy and becoming a better person. I hope someday he will realize his mistake and regret what he did to me. Then I will just laugh because he is with his fat girlfriend who is a cheater.. hahaha


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  • Wait... was there a question in here?

    I think you answered your "why is he so rude to me" question... he's immature, and intentionally used you. He certainly had no reason to be mad.

    Don't let this incident stop you from trusting again... just learn from your experiences.


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