Women seem to like talking to me in person, but when I get their number, it's the opposite on the phone/text?

so this happens to me so often that it is driving me insane.

I will meet some chick, talk to her and she will act like she really enjoys talking to me and getting to know me. I always get the "this chick seems really cool" impression about them and we seem to click well. I will get her number, but when I call, the girl will act totally opposite. Like she totally does not care or want to talk to me. I will call her, she doesn't answer the phone or return calls. When I text, she only gives brief responses. in a matter of days, she completely stops responding to texts and cuts me off completely. happens same way every time. I usually don't get past the first text conversation, which is only several exchanges long before I lose them.

They seem like they enjoy talking to me in person when I meet them, but once it comes to communication over the phone after getting her number, they just have zero interest. And it happens like this with every girl I meet.

Whats going on here? what does this mean? anyone else experience this?


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  • How are you talking to them when you're texting? Is it desperate? Too enthusiastic? We want guys to be happy when they're talking to us, but sometimes it can come across as sort of weird. Example "Heyyy! How are you!?!? ;) ;)" <---that's bad lol I don't know what you may be doing but just try to remain relaxed. And if she doesn't answer you, don't keep sending texts to figure out where she went. Hope this helps!

    • No, I don't seem desperate. Just, "hey what's up?!" and I try to ask them what theyre doing etc to make conversation. and I don't send a text wondering what's going on unless it has been an unreasonably long time without her responding to my last text. I'm usually just like "hello?" when that happens.

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    • I don't insult them untill I'm 100% certain that she's just intentionally ignoring my texts. At that point its all over for me, and I just do it to vent. But before that point, I'm a very cool, patient friendly guy...women would never know I get angry. so I'm still at a loss trying to understand what is going on here.

    • I don't know enough about your situation and texts to know exactly what the problem is. But the point I am trying to make, is women have no obligation to text you. So what if she's intentionally ignoring your texts? The fact that you're the kind of guy that needs to insult her about it later to vent says you're not being a real man. Word spreads and you look like a psycho.

  • sorry to say sometimes girls just give you their number so you can leave her alone in the reason they give real number s to day is because the guy will say am going to call you right now so you can have my number so she has to give the right one then later on she can just not respond to your calls in you will get the picture eventually. In person they don't want to come off as rude so they give you the number to move you along. Sorry to tell you this but they see you as a nice guy but that's it next time let a girl approach you don't waste your time no more.

    • Yeah, but they seem so cool in person like we click together well. So women do that with anyguy that talks to them? I would think if she saw me as an unattractive nice guy she wouldn't be so warm towards me and would behave coldly to deter me from asking her for her number....

    • No because if your ugly we already feel bad enough for you so why hurt your feelings and no women don't do that to all men only the one's they don't like in that way. She might have thought you might be a great friend but that's all sorry and good luck

    • So she did it because she thought I was ugly or becuase I'm "too nice towards her" (the niceguy suggestion)?

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