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Girls, do you know how hard it is to get a girlfriend?

Hard Mode

Let's say for the sake of argument that you are a guy from now on, and that you have never had a girlfriend or sex. Let's also assume that this is a problem.

What are the steps you would take to fix this problem? Be specific and please list them in the order in which you'd do them.

TL;DR What would you actually do if you had to be a single guy who doesn't want to be single anymore?

Very Hard Mode

You have to look like this (4 or 3.5/10 to most women), meaning you will not be approached or otherwise given attention, at least not without approaching them first.
Girls, do you know how hard it is to get a girlfriend?

-You make $10.50/hour but a lot of that has to go towards uni/moving out, so spend wisely
-You have a truck, so transportation, but it's old and usually there's trash inside
-You are 18, so you can get into hookah lounges and not worry about city curfews, but you are not able to get into bars, most strip joints or comedy clubs in your city.
-You have graduated high school already, and didn't really try at all to get any numbers or make many friends who are girls during your time there.
-You are a midwestern pescetarian, so bbqing and a lot of restaurants are tough

Questions to Answer:
1. So, can you do it?
2. Do you believe you could pick up any girls in either mode?
3. Do you believe you know the difficulty finding a girl or dating as a guy?
4. At what point would you call yourself a success, when you get a number, a date, or a third date?

If you don't think you could do either, and you want to respond, please do. Throw in the towel is an acceptable answer.

Please, no comments not related to answering the prompt. I am not interested in fortune cookie advice.

Also, I will respond to/grade answers if I believe there is something unrealistic or otherwise unfit about it. Not every answer is correct, you know.
Girls, do you know how hard it is to get a girlfriend?
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