Any advice for online dating?

Every girl I message doesn't respond. I'm not just picking pretty girls either. Any advice on how to be better at online dating?


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  • It can be tough, particularly guys, since a lot of sites tend to have more guys than girls, and girls can be pretty picky (especially since they probably get more messages than guys do). Here are some tips (I'm assuming you're using a dating website where you have a profile?):

    1. Make sure you have pictures, and REAL pictures. By that I mean, at least one full body, an one that shows your face well (no weird angles, lighting, or "artsy" pictures, unless you have normal ones to go along with them).

    2. Say something interesting in your profile. Things about yourself or what you like to do that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. If I say "I'm funny, smart, outgoing and I like moves, music, and sports" I've pretty much described almost every guy out there (or at least how every guy out there would describe themselves).

    3. Tell the world what you're looking for--but don't be too specific. If you're open-minded to people of any race or any size, etc., say that, because some girls might be intimidated to message you because they're worried they're not "your type". Be honest about what you're hoping to find, for example, "I'm looking for someone to chat and hang out with, with the possibility of more (dating or long-term relationship) if we have a connection."

    4. When you send an e-mail, tell the girl a little about yourself, but also ask some questions about her. This shows that you're interested in getting to know her, but what's more is that it gives her something to work with when she writes back, instead of trying to think of something to talk to you about or ask you. Also, do not send generic-sounding e-mails. No girl wants to reply to an e-mail that sounds like you just mass-sent it to every other girl on the site. Read her profile in its entirety to see what she's looking for and if you fit that, and then make reference to her profile in your email to show that you've read it and to show that your e-mail is specifically to her. Don't write "I saw your profile and I think you're hot," but rather, something like, "I noticed you're into (band, movie, sport, whatever), I like that too!" and then add a question about that, like "Have you ever seen them in concert?" " Do you play on a team?" or whatever.


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  • I think this happens to girls too I message people and they don't message me back sometimes. Just keep trying and eventually someone will message you back. Write something in the message that might capture their attention, maybe mention something that they talk about in their profile. A common interest maybe.

    • I've never even gotten a message without doing it first. Oh well. I'll just keep trying.

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