Would saying this in this situation be a bit too mean?

After you and a girl agree that your both too busy to continue dating...is telling her "well on the bright side ...at least you'll have one thing less to deal with on your plate rite now" a bit mean or disrespectful?...even after both of you agreed it will be hard for you to date.

Any suggestions or stances ...guys & girls...?


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  • I think it sounds a little spiteful, was the decision truly mutual? It kind of sounds as though you are a bit hurt by it.

    Even if each of you has extremely crazy schedules you can still make time for a phone call or dinner, no?

    Timing is everything. I wouldn't completely write it off if you think that there may be a chance in the future...saying something like that could seal the deal.

    • Seal or break the deal?

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    • So how could one fix a situation like this?

    • If by fix you mean you already sent the text and she was upset by it...all there is to do is clean it up. Its the only thing you can do. if you would like to remedy the situation in hopes to continue seeing her when things aren't so crazy then I would just come clean about your feelings surrounding the decision. Maybe let her know that it isn't something that you want but are willing to accept to allow her the space she needs to tend to the things she has going on.

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  • I don't see the point in sending her that message unless you are trying to comfort her if she's having problems dealing with not dating you.

    • Oh I didn't even look at it like that...yah dude if you are trying to make her feel better...and you think it will help her I can see where you may want to. I'm coming from something identical to this...only it appears he is a bit hurt because I have not heard from him...he also likes to play games though so good riddance I suppose.

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