Trying to determine if this girl is into me. Please help?

This girl has been on my mind recently, not because I liked her the moment I saw her, but because of the things she's been doing recently. Like she asked for my phone number, but said she needed it to text me info about a friends party (she texted me the info, but then later just gave it to me on paper too). Also, I catch her looking at me a lot, she casually touches me sometimes too. She asks me to help her out at work a lot since she is relatively new. Oh yeah, the other night after work, she offered to give me a ride to my car since I was parked kinda far and then she proceeded to talk to me in her car for 4 hours.

This last weekend I was at work and she responded to a text of mine and then asked what time I got off work. I took it that she wanted to hang out, so I asked her if she had plans later. She said she was waiting for her cousin to get off work and that her cousin might want to do something later, and then she asked me if I was doing anything. I told her I was working kinda late but to let me know if she wants to hang out and she said "OK I'll let you know". We didn't get to hang out because I had to work extra late...but did she actually want to hang out?

In short, do you think this girl likes me?


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  • sounds like she likes you :) ... but do you like her? : /

    • I do to some extent, but I was actually going for someone else. There are several girls that seem interested, so I have to choose. This girl that I'm speaking about though is really beautiful and we have a lot in common, so I think I'm gonna ask her out sometime.

    • Well good to know you have options lol yeah go for her she;d be open to it I mean I do some of those things when I'm flirtin with a guy good luck xoxo lol

  • She likes you and yeah she probably did want to hang out


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