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OK so I'm supposed to see this guy I was set up with tomorrow. He lives like 20 min away from me and he seems really sweet and he's just ADORABLE lol. We're going bowling and for food and for a walk and I don't know who pays. I know the guy is "supposed to" pay, but I don't know I mean we're talking about bowling AND food and I just feel bad letting him pay for all of it. Should I offer to pay for myself? Or should I pay for bowling and he pay for food?

I'm 17 and he's 20 and this is my first date, so I'm not sure how the paying thing works. Advice please?


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  • I really hate these much older/younger women dates. Nevertheless, casually offer to pay. That's nice of you, but most often he will pay.


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  • well I am old fashion so he does

  • He pays, but I would offer.

    When your bowling you can go buy some nachos or soda if you want to.


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