Mind games?

Any advice on how to keep your mind out of the gutter? I have a constant problem with negative thinking and high anxiety.


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  • It takes a lot of energy out of you to be negative. Go to the gym or do something that is physically exhausting and that usually slows down your mind. That's what I usually do and if that doesn't work I resort to funny movies or a pretty girl to keep my mind on her and nothing else.


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  • You can pick up a hobbie that involves your entire body moving or high concentration. You can either ask a friend to join you, but I think it's much more exciting to do it yourself without having to rely on anyone to drag you down, miss a date, or prevent you from meeting new people. It would keep your mind off negativity, busy, and happy if you really like what your doing. If the hobbie is a challenge then that's a bonus. I picked up salsa dancing because I wanted to have fun being single whereas the majority of my friends are not. I meet all kinds of people, especially those who are really good at dancing and who teach me a thing or two. Overall, I'm

    obligated to dance with cute singles. Try something out :)

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