He didn't text until 3 days later, and he might as well not have texted at all?

Why did he even bother? When he finally texted, the whole conversation only lasted a few msgs, starting with him and ending with me. My texts were lighthearted and gave opportunity to continue talking, but he didn't take it. If he wasn't planning on really talking to me, why did he even start to?

I didn't really care that it took him a few days to contact me, but I am disappointed by how the conversation went when he finally did... I can't tell if he's shy or if he's playing games, or if all of a sudden he hates me? He had really insisted on hanging out and kinda planned to take me to a movie, but now I don't even think he wants to talk to me... What do I do? Should I just wait for his next move, or am I supposed to do something about it?


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  • First of all, don't stress over it. Secondly, that has only happened to me when the guy is no longer interested. It's like you text them and he will always answer with 1 word answers and wouldn't even text you back-like he was keeping the conversation short. So don't text him again and just see what happens-see if you get a text/call from him.

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