Sent the girl I like a message on fb, got 1 really nice reply. Sent her a reply to her message and no reply yet?

Its been a week since I sent the second message. I like this girl a lot things are going well between us until she did not reply at least. I always send her text messages or initiate the conversation. She never seems to but she always replies to my text messages with a question or sweetly. We hang out a lot during weekends but during the week we run into each other but I am busy and she is too because I am premed and she's nursing. We spend lots of time together watching movies and I always walk her back to her room and get hugs and we have broken the touch barrier. I make her laugh a lot and she always flirts with me. But I hate it that she has not replied to me yet! I am not insecure but I just wanna know what is she thinking.

Ladies help me out! You guys are difficult to understand sometimes. P.S I decided since she did not reply I am going to keep myself busy and not think about her or send her a message text or email till she send me one first to not act pushy.


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  • She's just busy.