Can I have an opinion on this text I just sent?

this guy and I hit if off really well when hanging out last week, but since then our contact has been minimal (very rare texts/calls). I'm assuming he stopped being interested (sadly), but I still have a jacket that he lent to me, and I figure I could go at it one last time and see how he responds, using that as an excuse.

This is what I sent:

"I still have your jacket... if you don't want it, I'll keep it! hahah but if you do, lmk and I'll give it backk"

Is that alright? I was going for casual, but open for him to continue the conversation if he wanted to. Also, since there are possibilities of running into him with mutual friends later, I wanted us to at least be normal and not awkward, despite having had a small thing for each other...

Also what are the implications if he never responds to this text/takes a really long time to write back. Does that mean he doesn't even wanna be friends?

thanks for your opinions, but he responded and asked me out to a movie :)


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  • If he hasn't been pursuing you since you hung out, he is just not that in to you. I doubt you will get a quick response from him other than he would really want that jacket back. If you have mutual friends he may just ask you to give the jacket to one of them.

    I am not sure what happened that makes you feel that he had a "small thing for you". It doesn't sound like he feels the same way.


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  • i don't think you should of said ill keep it. but if your really into him I would even as him to if he'd want it back

  • hmm well sometimes txts don't go through

    so him not responding doesn't necessarily mean he ignored

    your txt and txts can take a while to receive too. I think you should of

    started the txt with something like "hey what are you up to"

    see where that goes then brought up the jacket thing. the txt you sent

    him is kinda giving mix signals in your interest towards him...

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