He's still hanging on... help PLEASE!

OK so last summer I met this guy at a running camp. we immediately hit it off and kept in touch after the camp was over. we couldn't see each other because he lives 2 states away. he told me he loved me so I asked if he wanted to be my boyfriend and he said yes. a week went by, and then he broke up with me via relationship status. so I was pretty p*ssed and blocked him. but then a month later, he texted me and we have been texting/ calling somewhat frequently up to this summer. what's his deal? is he lonely, or does he want to stay in touch till we meet again?


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  • I cannot speak for this boy, and I do not know his or your situation enough to give a 100% accurate answer, but I will share my thoughts.

    This boy likes you, that seems simple. The distance was something I'm sure he was willing to live with until perhaps he met someone within his state. This could confuse someone, and maybe he just wasn't up for it after all. He may have lost contact with this other girl and is interested in you again.

    If I were you I would accept that this boy is unstable, and not very nice (ending a relationship by a status update?..) There are so many boys out there that deserve a girl with as much optimism as you, Best of luck!



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  • He only wants to use you when you're around for the Summer.

    Don't let him do this - He sounds like a jerk. Please don't waste your time on a guy who has no respect for you. He already broke up with you once - he willl do it again when Summer is over. He's 2 states away? Please find a boyfriend in the same state! You will be a whole lot happier.. AND... DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH THIS GUY and see how long he hangs around. Hugz.

    • Thanks girl I agree, I was hoping someone felt the same way:)