Why do men chicken out when a girl asks them to lunch?

i don't get it, I really don't. Men say they want women to take charge too once in a while and do the asking out, and this guy and I have been flirting, blushing, intense eye contact, smiling, we talk ask each other what's up and things were going so well, it had been a couple of months so I finally texted him asking him if he wanted to hang out grab a bite to eat, and he was like 'actually I'm really stressed out from grad school and just busy lately but I will try to squeeze you in sometime :)..."

he added a smiley face too. wtf. why not just say no and stop wasting my time. such fool men are. ugh. this is why women hate asking men out and I swear I will never do it again because of this experience.


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  • He could be doing several things:

    Playing games seeing how badly you'll pursue him.

    Could be single and keeping his options open.

    Playing games to seem not to into it.

    Actually doesn't like you (he's just flirty with all women) and wants to keep things fun when he sees you.

    Doesn't like dates.

    Is actually busy.

    • I understand and agree with all those, but they all still lead to one direction >> that he is not into me and doesn't care about me one bit, but cleverly played it off that he did and toyed with my heart pretty much and no one gained anything...his fun is over and I'm hurt now. So why do men play games then? does it really benefit anyone?

    • Dating is arguably a game. Therefore he may actually like you. He'll probably sleep with you. Men play games because women play games. Men in actuality don't play games. Think about gay men, they don't play games, they just look at each other then get down. It's because women do it. And no not really. But playing games can be fun if played right.

  • I don't think he is shy at all, he could be not interested, because normally, the person who is shy or chickens out is the one who initiates

    • I take it that you are the type of girl that does not expect us guys to always initiate?

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