I have never kissed a girl before?

I have never kissed a girl before so I need to know how before Sunday. Can you explain to me how to kiss a girl on the lips.


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  • No doubt. First things first. Most guys ask before they kiss a girl. This can take some of the awkwardness away but in my opinion takes away from the moment. Lean in slowly (because if she is also inexperienced she will not have time to realize what you are doing and know to kiss you back. You may want to run your finger along her lips first. The actual kiss is just going to be you turning to the side and pressing your nose on her cheek as you move your lips towards hers. Try to close your lips lightly over one of hers at first and then the other. As you do this exert a little more pressure each time. It doesn't have to be for very long. If you want to use tongue don't do it right away. Wait until she is comfortably kissing you back and then run it along her lips. If she does the same then chase her tongue with yours and go a little farther into her mouth. Just when things start to slow down give a few slow ones just closing your lips on hers and then slowly move your head away from hers. A lot of things are done slowly lol but it's only polite.

    • Damn listen to that guy that'll make a girl all hot and bothered !!!!

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  • I was as nervous as you before my first kiss but really it just comes naturally. I know that might frustrate you but really you just have to trust in your mojo.

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