Is it OK to call a guy more than once if you want to hang out?

I unfortunately don't have texting so usually I call friends an hour or two apart if they don't answer the first time. Is this OK to do with a guy that I like or will it just annoy him? I don't want to come off as too needy or clingy.


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  • Obviously it depends on the guy, if he's into you and the of two of you get along well; I suspect, he too would like to see you again. Now... with that said, if you are calling every couple hours and he isn't picking up his phone, for what ever reason, when he does pick up the phone and sees several calls from you in a day, there had better be an emergency, otherwise, YES you would look pathetic.

    ADVICE: Call once leave a message, if you're going out in a few hours and need an answer, call just before you're ready to leave. No answer? Leave a,(1) message letting him know what he's missing out on. Then don't call him back for a day or two.


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