Rebound relationship?

I broke up with my ex about a month ago. Then a week later after we broke up, we started talking again. Then we got in a big argument and we broke off. She told me she needed space from me. Then a week later, she started talking to another guy. She knew this guy before, but they started talking through chat. Then she told me that she has already kissed him. I was completely devastated and still am till this day. She told me she doesn't feel the same about me anymore. But then I realized that she cares how I feel about everything. I told her that I'll try to be happy for her. Do you think she still misses me at all? She still wants to be friends with me because she thinks I'm a great guy, but she said she just didn't see it clicking at the moment. She said she already fallen in love with this guy and makes her happy... this is the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life. I will seriously be patient with this girl because this girl, I love her so much. She isn't going out with the guy yet. She said they are just talking still, not dating. How do I manage to fight for her back? I don't want to beg for her back. I want to be smooth with this because I know we're meant to be together.

OK, so this morning, she told me that she "thinks" she loves this guy. Then she told me that there was never an understanding that she and the guy will go out and be in a relationship. She's sad about it. Could I use this to my advantage? If so, then how?
So she said that she's the best guy friend she's ever had because I'm still here for her rather than leaving her even after all the heart breaking she has done to me. But I really don't want to say in that "friend zone" so what should I do?


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  • There's nothing you can do. You have officially entered the friend zone. Speaking from experience, you'll probably never leave that zone. I have a couple of guy friends who have had the hots for me for a few years but I don't feel the same. You can't help how you feel. Or who you fall in love with. If it's too painful, stop being her friend. Don't try to take advantage of any situation, it'll just end badly and hurt far worse down the road. Don't beg, don't fight, just let her go.


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  • this is tough man. I just went through this. the girl I was dating rebounded with the same guy twice and slept with him. she said that she always loved me and wanted to be with me but that I pushed her away and she was sorry and didn't know what else to do to get over the break up. the guy she went to was her first adult relationship and dated him for 3 years. however, I pursued her and didn't listen to any of that keep your cool and relax and wait it out stuff bec I love her, and I figure if you love her chase her before its too late. but you have to suck up the family issues if you want to be with her and in time things will probably get better if you just treat them with kindness, i.e., send flowers to her mom or attempt to go to her family functions. I'm still having a hard time with accepting the rebound thing and her having sex with him so quick after we broke up but maybe time will heal my heart, but maybe not. so I would say go after her if you love her and show her that you can be the man that she will want to be with