Prostitution VS Dating.. Which is better?

With prostitution, the guy gets what he wants, and the girl gets what she wants.

1. There's no game playing, you never think to yourself "does he or she like me?"- women get the money and men get the sex. Everyone wins.

2. With a woman you date, she's not required to do monthly STD and aids checks. Like a legal prostitute.

3. With a prostitute is there a chance if the sex is bad, or the "deal" goes bad that she gets HALF of ALL of your money.


4. Its defiantly cheaper.

An average prostitute in Nevada costs about 300 bucks on average for sex.

An average date costs about 100 bucks, and most women don't want to put out until the 3rd date AT LEAST.

And even then its not a certainty.

Cost of gas= 20 bucks for the drive to her house to pick her up, to the movie,and to the restaurant and back to her house and then back to yours.

Cost of movie= 12 bucks X 2= 24 bucks, rounded down to 20.

That's 40 bucks not including popcorn and candy.

So that's 60 bucks.

Now include the cost of the meal at a "decent". Because we all know she's going to think your a cheap loser if you take her to taco bell.- unlike a whore where you don't have to pay anything except for what you get in return.

So you figure 20 bucks a person.. that's 40 bucks.

This is not including candy, gifts, or flowers.

60+40=100 bucks.. and there you have it.

3 dates=300 bucks.

Suppose it was even guaranteed that she's has to put out on the 3rd date making it "equal" even then its like putting her vagina on lay away, and you have to wait.

Most people also don't date consecutively one day after the other either.

5. Most of the time women in marriages "put out" to get their husbands to do chores or anything like that.

Its been said that most women are nothing more than closeted prostitutes because after all how many women here would date a man who's broke?

How many women here will accept a man who doesn't pay for the date?

If you won't accept a man who takes you to taco bell for a date, then all it means is that you are a hooker who is just haggling over the price.

The only difference between prostitution and dating is emotional connection and love.

Both of which are free.

So, unless you want men to date you, stop acting like whores, because were just going to go there instead of dating you. Because at least with them its a sure thing.

So which do you think is better.

This is prostitution vs dating, not prostitution vs relationships.

Obviously getting the sex for free from a girlfriend is better. That's why its vs dating, not relationships.


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  • Prostitution is cheeper and girls are more honest about their sexuality.

    In the other hand dating involves a lot of bush*t, judgement, misstreatment and humilliation from the girl until she decides to have sex with you which at this point you are already massively turn off.

    So prostitution is better.

    • A-men.

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    • the damn truth!

    • "Suppose it was even guaranteed that she's has to put out on the 3rd date making it "equal" even then its like putting her vagina on lay away, and you have to wait."
      Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Guys be very considerate and avoid this type of statement

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  • Well, it seems to me that you're assuming the only goal men have is to have sex, and that all women expect men to pay for everything. Both of these things are untrue. If you're only interested in sex, then maybe a prostitute is a good option for you. As you've mentioned, a relationship offers additional things, such as an emotional connection, love, companionship, good conversation, a partnership when it comes to finances, housework, child-rearing (depending on how serious your relationship is).

    In all of the relationships I've had, I do not expect my partner to pay for everything. In the beginning of the relationship, we usually go dutch, or one person pays for one date, the other pays for the next. When the relationship becomes more serious, we pretty much always take turns paying for dates (since its easier than splitting the bill). Now that I live with my partner, we split rent, and he might pay some bills and I'll pay others, so its essentially even (i.e. I pay for internet/cable, he pays for our cell phones). Things don't have to be exactly 50/50--we kind of play it by ear, depending on who has more money. When I was in school, he paid the majority of the bills. When he was in school, I did. I make more money than him, but that doesn't matter to us--we're building a life together, so essentially any money we make is "our" money (we still have the freedom to spend our own money on the things we want, but if it's a large purchase, we make the decision about it together). This has been typical of all my relationships.

    To answer your questions: Yes, I will date a man who is broke (as long as its not simply because he's lazy and won't get a job). Yes, I will date a man who doesn't pay for the dates. And I'm cool if he wants to take me to taco bell--I think it's unreasonable to expect someone to spend more than their means, and if I'm dating someone, it's because I want to spend time with them, not because I want them to take me out to the most expensive places.

    As far as sex is concerned, we don't believe that sex is a commody that needs to be earned. We have sex with each other because we want to. We both have healthy sex drives, so we have sex fairly often. I don't "reward" my partner for doing chores around the house--it's OUR home, so we both do the chores that need to be done. I don't withhold sex as a form of "punishment". Sex is completely separate from those things.

    I think the reason why a lot of women want to wait a bit before having sex isn't because they want you to pay for or "earn" it, but rather, they don't want to be treated like a prostitute. They want a guy who actually likes them and is interested in a relationship with them, not just taking them on enough dates so that the woman is obliged to have sex with him. They also realize that, while it's a completely unfair double standard, a lot of guys lose respect for a girl, or decide they only want to have sex with her (not a relationship) if she has sex with them "too soon

    • I like how you put this qualifier in there "(as long as its not simply because he's lazy and won't get a job)." If you don't date a guy because he's broke, it doesn't matter "why" he's broke, you still are not dating him because he's broke, not because he's lazy. Being broke and being lazy are 2 completely different things.

      I know a few millionaires that are complete lazy slobs, in fact that's WHY they are lazy.

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    • Prostitution is a guarantee. Men get their primary motivator "somewhat" fulfilled. Men's primary motivation for pair bonding is great sex. Not sex, not good sex, but GREAT sex. Which unfortunately only comes with a long term relationship and love. The best and greatest sex comes only comes with that.

      Prostitution is only a better option because it at least insures that one need is somewhat fulfilled.

      With dating there are no guarantees. In fact most of the time it goes bad.

    • Going out on 3 dates IS too much work when you are comparing prostitution and dating.

      Because if all you are out there is for sex, than waiting 3 days to get it is complete BULLSHIT.

  • I understand where you are coming from but I think there are a few things that don't add up to me.

    1) If you use the logic that all women are closet prostitutes, wanting to exchange sex for money, you can use the same logic to say all men are really just closest John's wanting to pay women for sex. So why be upset? In this logic all women want money for sex and all men want to give their money for sex so everyone wins.

    2) Dating and prostitution aren't really comparable because the desired result is different. Dating isn't just used to get sex. It's also used to develop relationships. Meaning the people who are dating don't just want sex. If someone wants just sex they go for just hook ups and hopefully that will only cost you a drink. Comparing dating and prostitution is like comparing a restaurant making your food to having your mom make your food. Sure you may have to pay more money in the long run for mom (like taking care of her when she is older) but there are a few things mom has to offer over a restaurant.

    3) You are talking about prostitution like it is a good thing but then you use it as a slur against women by saying they act like "whores". You can't talk up prostitution as a legitimate thing and then insult people who act like those in the profession. It's like saying slavery is a great thing but then saying child labor is like slavery and it's completely awful. If prostitution is good, then it's completely OK for anyone to act like a prostitute. Even if she doesn't say she is. You can't have it both ways. You can't say prostitutes are good woman but women that act like them are bad.

    4) Prostitution would be a valid alternative if most people didn't care that the person that sleeps with them doesn't like them. Prostitutes aren't humanitarians. They think their John's are morons that they can sexual manipulate. One of my friends grew up in a neighborhood that had lots of prostitutes in it. He doesn't use prostitutes. He is actually a hopeless romantic who wants love and commitment after growing up seeing what the other option is. You aren't going to see that on some documentary cause they want the John's to come back to the whore house. But prostitutes spend a lot of time laughing at their John's. Prostitutes actually have really, really big mouths (no pun intended). Some of the most shocking stuff I've ever learned was from a girl who was a former prostitute who was talking about her John's. And she wasn't retelling the stories with admiration.

    • 1. Obviously we don't "Want" to pay for sex., If that was true, why would we be "upset" about it.- your logic is flawed.

      2. Nope, your only partially correct. Both your mom and the resturant have one thing in common, your mom doenst go... you know what? Your not getting fed tonight. And the restaruant doesn't do that either. How would you feel if you paid before your meal and they told you to leave without getting your money back OR eating. So there's no comparison.

      3. Refer to my first example.

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    • "Because if a guy meets a girl at work , likes her, & asks her out, there is an emotional connection." Based off of what? her looks? Its based off an emotoin called LUST. Most dates are made through meeting someone for like 10 minutes AT THE MOST. MOST dates are that way. They aren't done through knowing someone for 20 years and then finnally asking them out.

      Thats not how dating typically goes.

      And you know jack sh*t about someone if you've known them for 10 minutes.

    • Not true. The biggest ways people meet someone requires more than 10 minutes. The 2 biggest are through friends introducing them and online dating.

      " Twice as many couples met through online dating sites than at social events, bars and clubs combined."

  • If all a guy wants is sex, then you shouldn't be dating and pretending like you want a relationship to begin with. Have a drunken one-night stand when you can get them or shell out the money for a prostitute if you live near legalized prostitution, or masturbate.

    When you are actually ready to meet someone and have a relationship, well join the club with the rest of us, men and women alike, who get frustrated with dating and get tired of dating people we don't hit it off with and do things that drive us crazy. Stop spending $100 on dates in hopes of getting laid. Dating should be about meeting someone you would want a relationship with, not about counting the $$ and meet-ups necessary to have sex. If you go on a date or two and there is just no connection there, don't go on date three. Save your $$. Look for someone new until you find the one that works for you.

    • This is not about just wanting sex. Its about getting something instead of getting nothing.

      And no woman wants a man who doesn't pay for dates. They call them "cheap" I know I have tons of friends who are girls and they say that, AND they say they would never date a man with no money and no ambition, which is the same thing. 100 bucks per date is the average MINIMUM cost for a date.

    • There is no way to go on a date or several dates and guarantee that the girl will fall for you and have a relationship with you. I don't really get how you think spending money on dates should equate to them giving you something as intimate as sex. I agree, for you, that you should find other ways to fulfill your sexual needs. Dating is just not the way to do that.

    • How about a return on my investment?
      If im going to spend a ton of money on you on multiple dates, what the hell am i getting out of it, if not sex?
      The pleasure of your company?
      I could hang out with my other guy friends and not spend a dime and typically have a much better time, without the nerves, without the worry, and know im not being judged, im already accepted.
      WHeres my money going?
      And lets suppose im paying for your company. Shouldn't my company be worth something?
      Apparently not.

  • I guess if you JUST want the sex and don't want somebody to love you then the prostitute is your better choice. Then when you get to the point in your life that you want someone to grow old with and someone that will love you and be around unconditionally then get a relationship. Simple!

    • Wow this is not about just wanting sex. Although many women.. if not most women think that sex is all men want anyways. But that's not the topic of discussion. The point is what is better prostitution vs dating. NOT sex vs dating. Or even sex vs relationships. Ill give you a hint, what if you could pay an "escort" to make you feel good without leading to sex? or she gives the man somthing like say... a gold bar. Whereas in dating men get nothing for the 100 bucks they spend on average.

    • If people really had such a simple set of options!

  • Not everyone spends money on dates, not everyone has sex on dates.

    SOME people like each other &continue dating the same person.

    Or at least actually want to get to know the person they are dating, even if its just once.

    For some people THAT is the purpose.

    Yea well, if sex is your aim for dating, then now you are correct.

    DATING FOR SEX PROSTITUTION FOR SEX- not much difference at all .

    Sounds like you got it all worked out.

    Have fun drive, fuc* safe, be safe & leave all the 'non' - sociopaths a lone -- The world will be a better place for it :)

    • MOST people spend money on dates MOST people DONT have sex on the first date. - Of course you don't see a problem with that. MOST people don't like each other and continue dating the person.

      For MOST people, that's what happens.

      If you want to bring up RETARDED examples and EXCEPTIONS to PROVE The RULE, ill just say.

      Not everyone doesn't marry a prostitute, SOME people actually get married to a prostitute they have sex with.

      For some people THAT is the purpose.

      Your examples are equally stupid.

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    • I don't see the relevance of what sex has to do with making a date worth your effort. Or what THAT has to do with MARRYING your first date or your first prostitute :)

      When I said SOME people I meant that. I never have anyone buy me anything on dates & we do activities that involve getting to know the person & I never sleep with a guy on a date- seriously no way & I have neber hsad complaints or wining. & I am not planning on getting married so as I said- I' the wrong person to talk to :)

    • You still won't answer it. Saying I don't see the relevance is dodging the question.

      "Do MOST people (again this is not relative, this is absolute and I dare you to prove it otherwise) Do MOST people who go on first dates end up marrying or continue dating the same person?

      Do MOST?

  • 1. I don't see anything wrong with prostitution, if it's 2 adults, who am I to tell them who to sleep with ? And there is no game playing so if what you want is just sex at the time, then go for it.

    2. Monthly checks don't say much, I mean what if she just had her check up, then caught an std 3 days later and slept with you the next day ? Plus prostitutes sleep with A LOT of men and if you think your chances of getting an std are lowered , that's kind of crazy

    3. Why do you think only men make the money ? And have you ever heard of a pre-nup ?

    4. If you are only going out with a girl because you want her p*ssy on layaway then you should just stick to prostitutes because I'm not going out with a guy just for his d*ck or for a free dinner, I can buy my own dinner and I pay for myself when I go to movies with friends, so if you're not going on a date with a girl so that you can get to know her so it possibly turns into a relationship then please just stick to paying for prostitutes and leave us females alone.

    5. a) If I was married I wouldn't put out to get my husband to do chores, he's grown he should be cleaning up after himself anyway, I'm not his mother.

    b) I wouldn't care if a man did'n't have a lot of money, I work and take care of myself his money is not my business, as is mine none of his business also but I do expect him to have a job and hopefully aspirations for the future.

    c) I like taco bell

    So to answer your question normal men that are looking for an emotional connection or love and not a p*ssy on layaway should date.

    Men like you on the other hand who generalize all women and obviously have some mommy issues, please just stick to prostitutes because real women don't want you anyway

    • IdontWantToBeMe

      Well, if you?re so confident about never having to ask anything of a guy, then you?re probably comfortable with asking a guy out, because in most cases I know, a guy will look for prostitutes because they?re either too shy to ask a ?normal? girl out or are frustrated because their wives can?t satisfy them. In both cases, it?s your fault. (to be continued)

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    • Carrotman of course a real woman is superior to a prostitute... ethically, job wise and probably socio- economically and education wise too. But if you are talking about judging their heart, only God had that power.

    • Has that power*

  • It's too bad that you feel this way.

    There is a lot more to relationships than sex. And I would hope that someone who is special to you would mean more than how much you spend on them.

    But... I do hope that you choose prostitutes over dating, because you're a chauvinist and - though no woman deserves that - at least sex workers expect it.

  • Correction, in prostitution the girl gets what she NEEDS, she doesn't "want" you she needs your money for her house and sh*t.

    I would date a man who was broke, then again I'd make my own money but even so if I didn't I would as long as I loved him.

    I think dating is better, emotional connections and friendship bring more into a person's life than just sex. I mean who the hell feels "refreshed" and altogether "wholesome" after screwing a prostitute?

    And just for the record, most women don't act like whores. If anything the men can't stop their raging hormones so much that they go to the whores. Not our problem if you can't get a decent women for real sex. Oh I'm sorry I just read down the comments and realized you're gay. . .that's even nastier considering the increased risk in HIV. Oh well, my point is that prostitution doesn't really do anything but a moment of pure horny rage, so I vote dating as better even if it isn't statistically more cost effective, then again you'd have to figure how many times you go to a prostitute in a certain amount of time vs in how many times you go out in dating for a complete assessment.

    • In prostitution the man gets what he NEEDS, he doesn't "want" her, he needs her sex to satisfy his needs. Statistically, 90% of the time dating does not end in emotional connection OR friendship. I seriously doubt that all the men you've dated ended up friends or boyfriends. So that completely and utterly destroys that argument. And women do in fact act like whores, if you consider not a single one of them would date a man with no ambition whatsoever, who also never attained a single penny.

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    • A man needs sex as much as a woman needs to be loved. Nope, the cost of a prostitute is determined by the hooker. It can range from FREE to 1000 bucks. So the cost isn't that bad. And yes I have the real numbers.

      I don't just arbitrarily say sh*t without knowing the facts.

    • Men don't need to have sex, women don't need to be loved. Your 90% of the time was pulled out of your own personal experiences and though those are real numbers, so are the rest of the world's. All I'm saying is that despite the cost differences the amount of tangible and intangible gain is nothing compared to a good, loving relationship. And note that I said good and loving there, no infidelity and hate. That is why I still vote for dating :P

  • if I knew a guy went out with a prostitute I would definitely not date him...for hygeinic reasons...oh burn...I'm 'sorry'.

    • That's pretty arrogant assuming I would date you. BTW I'm gay. and I would NEVER date you... oh I'm sorry. "burn."

  • ...I can't answer.It's like comparing a golden brick to a pile of sh*t. In case you were trolling, hurray you've got a reaction, good for you...yay...! In case you were not, you have a really bad opinion about women which is based on prejudice.It's really sad and pathetic in my opinion and I can't change such a narrow minded sexist opinion.No offense.

    Personally I don't need a guy to buy anything for me.I'm capable of buying things on my own.Maybe you like dating women just for the sex part,so that means you have never experienced having feelings towards them or the other way around...Anyway...Good luck with your life...

  • Prostituion.

    The only reason men get into relationships is to get sex for free.

  • Not all girls are about the money. I make more money than my husband and we share everything down to the penny. So I have 70 bucks and he has 50 bucks; we get 60 bucks each. It's like me giving him 10 extra bucks. I don't feel like I'm losing. I love him.

    My closest friend dated this guy for years, he has no degree, no money and no full-time job. She's an IT specialist working at a University. She's still with him and hopelessly in love. I know a few other girls who are still sticking to their high school sweethearts who were "ex-badboy gangsters", but now still live with their mom with no income, no hope for a decent job.

    I don't think these guys are cheap or don't deserve someone. I think it's amazing for someone to be so in love with someone else!

    I admit it's rare. People around me judge EVERYTHING, but you shouldn't give up looking for love.

    Girls can feel it when a guy wants to see them just to get in their pants. It feels icky. Don't do it. You don't like girls who go out with you to just to get a free meal and movie!

  • oh lord your point of view is so strange. You sir seem to have a very negative view of women. This isn't so much of a question as it is a rant. Maybe its you that needs to start looking for different kinds of women, and check your attitude towards them when you wonder why they aren't all gushy towards you. Users get used, its the nature of karma.

    • Thats like saying people have a negative view of criminals, therefore we shouldn't lock them away in prisons.

      Do women demand that strangers pay for them? Yes. Do they have to give anything in return? NO.

      Did they deserve anything to get that money from men? No.

      Are they entitled to it? NO.

      Do men always have to pay regardless if the woman has sex or doesn't have sex with the man?


      Just because its negative, doesn't mean these are not FACTS.

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    • No it doesn't. These are facts, not a way of thinking. I think that 1+1=2... therefore I have a possibility of being wrong? NOPE.

      I would definitely never date you.

      And I'm sure he pays first when he goes out with you. And BTW if you are going to tell me a bunch of lies and say "oh I would date a broke man with no ambition(which means money) an no goals, (which means money) and whos lazy and refuses to get a job..(which means money) You are lying.

    • waht do you mean by most of your dates go dutch?

  • This guy is obviously very bitter and has no clue about emotion, love, or connecting with someone. Since it is apparent that you are only interested in sex with total disregard to what the woman may be feeling or wanting out of dating you it serves you right to be stepped on anyway.

    • That would be true if I weren't gay.

      Nice try though.

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    • So far as I know, there are gay prostitues as well, so your argument really doesn't mean anything.

      Also, this totally invalidates your question and gives a little insight as to why you only see dating in terms of dollars, as if all straight men think about is sex-to-dollars ratio. When I'm out with my Girlfriend on a date it's because I like her company and we get along. I could care less about how much we spend or if I'm getting any that night - I'm secure in my relationship.

    • Its not irrelevant.
      1. She said, "in disregard to what the WOMAN may be feeling" She was arguing that i was straight and upset that "women" are turning me down. Her argument is nullified.
      2. Anyone who is gay will tell you most of us are shallow and out for a good time we have no problem with it. Its EXTREMELY easy for gay men to get laid. We don't have to resort to prostitution. Get a gay friend. hell tell you this is true.
      3. Gay prostitution is an anomaly. Its less abundant, because of what i just said. So focusing on the minority example fails.
      4. If you could "care less" about the sex, then get a dog. Or better yet hang out with your guy friends, who, on the average men have more in common with other men. Thats why its better to be gay. You don't have to hide your farts, you can talk about football without boring your partner and still enjoy all the benefits of sex.

      Your argument fails.

  • I think its hilarious that your comparing prostitution to dating. There is obviously a big difference. It all has to do with emotions. If your doing a prostitute you have not feelings for them and your pretty despite for sex considering that your paying for it. If your dating someone your interested and connected.

    • Desperate for sex if you goto prostitutes? I have two words for you: Charlie sheen.

      OR I could keep going, with people such as tiger woods and david ducovney.

      So no, your wrong there.

      Plus you are NOT interested in them, if you are dating, you are getting to know them, you have NO IDEA who they are, she could be a raving lunatic and he could be a raping, ax murderer for all you know. The only interest you have really is superficial, and a mans interest in a prostitute is also superficial.

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    • Well I guess lets listen to what the media has to say, cause we all know that media is true and something we should definitely live by and OH YEAH they definitely don't tell any lies. BECAUSE MEDIA ISN'T SUPERFICIAL? I don't know who broke your heart or manipulated you bad enough to think that there isn't a difference prostitution or dating but you definitely got it twisted. I'm sticking to what I know is real.

    • Why the hell would tiger woods admit to being a cheating bastard and probably ruin his career?

      The media once told me that obama was elected president. I guess mcaine won then... SWEET!

      The question of this post is "which is better", which suggests that they obviously aren't the same.

  • dude...u have a seriously warped view of women and dating. I don't date guys for money or free stuff. in fact, I pay for ALL MY OWN FOOD AND TICKETS AND STUFF when I go on dates. he can pay for himself like he would if he were alone. we just chill and have fun. sex comes later when we fall in love. because that's what sex is for. the ONE person you will LOVE AND BE COMMITTED TO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. and no one else.

    • Good for you, your not a whore.

  • Anyone who has to pay for sex or does it by choice is pathetic to Mr. I don't think less of them but I do see it as pathetic.

    • Great. Then dont get mad when a man never pays for dates.
      Especially when most of them are only paying for it... to eventually get sex.
      Lets face it, if we wanted to "hang out" with someone and not get sex, they could do it with guy friends.

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    • Wait. You're GAY? Assuming this IS about you, I would think that you would have an EASIER time to get men to sleep with you.

      That makes it even more pathetic... IF this is about you. If not, good on you.

    • Its very easy to get men to sleep with me.
      Yes, its VERY easy.
      I have a lot of straight friends and women just piss me off, seeing what they do to them.

      When a man is paying for the date, regardless if he asks, he's paying for sex typically.
      Logic then says if he doesn't pay for the date then you should respect that. Because he doesn't want to pay for sex.

  • ok well I'm not so tightly wound as some of the girls on here I see your point, I for one would quite happily be paid 300 bucks to sleep with a guy no strings attathed if only you could be sure he never had any std's. I suppose I don't know what the guys at the bar have either when I decide to go home with them but I know I'm clean before anyone decides to write a "funny" comment! I would say prostitution BUT I couldn't do it, I mean sleep with just about anyone, no thanks some men are just nasty! I want to fall in love and the only way to do that is by dating someone, so for me ill choose dating but that's just my preferance.

  • So disgusted. Completely disgusted.

    • Yeah I'm sure you hear that a lot from men who look at you.

  • If sex, is all you want on a date, why not just be honest about it with the girl, instead of stringing her along and spending your money? You're just as guilty. Because they way you're explaining this, is you just want sex out of a date. No emotional attachment or interest in the girl. So if sex is what you seek, get a hooker or be honest with your date. Quit complaining on how expensive a date is.

  • Sex for sex's sake? Yes, pros are better... even better is online p*rn...yeah you do it yourself but it's completely free!

    So what was the question, really? Because it can't be that simple...

  • Fine, go get some whores. Most girls looking for a relationship wouldn't touch your kind anyway.

  • You should have to pay a lot for girls when you go out if all you want to do is have sex. For you I'd say prostitution is better because all you want is sex. Nothing meaningful.

    And to "So, unless you want men to date you, stop acting like whores, because were just going to go there instead of dating you. Because at least with them its a sure thing."

    If all you want is sex you're a slut. I'd much rather be a whore (though I'm not) than a slut. Atleast they get paid.

    Anyways, I'd rather date.

    • If I were a girl id rather date too. Because I'm gonna get paid for NOT having sex. If all you want is a relationship, you're a gold digger. Of course you'd rather date, because at least with dating you have an option of not having sex. A whore has to put out to get money, a woman you date does not.

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    • It may suprise you, but not all women actually put out on dates, some women actually use men for money. LIKE YOU. You're just a 400 lb WANNA BE gold digger who lives with 30 cats and no man actually wants to have sex with, ever.

      Do all of us men a favor and stick to touching your cats, because no man wants to touch you.

    • Im done talking to you. your a moron.


  • if all you want is sex than I guess a prostitute is the way to go I guess but you seen like an asshole seriously like some female really hurt you and if that is true than I am sorry but deal with it

  • depends if you want intimacy or say gf

    • Well I don't know how much intimacy dating has. This is not prostitution vs GF, its prostitution vs dating.

  • dating is more rewarding in the end. if you want something amazing then you need to put in the hard yards first. even the prostitutes who say that they love their job, deep down want this.

  • if you're dating just to get laid then a prostitute is better.

    if you want to find a connection with someone and eventually a relationship, then dating is better.

    it all depends what you want.

  • for you prostitution is better for normal men its not, so go ahead run along to the bunny ranch one less asshole for women who respect themselves to deal with

    • Nope I already proved (convincingly I might add) that prostitution is better than dating. I did not however say that its better for men. So go ahead and put words in peoples mouths.

  • with dating you get the real thing. love. relationship between equals.

    with prostitute you get to break the rules of ethics, and help a woman destroy her life.


    • So you love every man you date... wow.. what a slut.

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    • Well, not completely, no.

      it is a bit hypocrisy, but come on, you can pay for one lousy date!

      and if not, stand on your morals, some girls won't be turned off by that..

    • I say, come on, you can do one lousy thing to deserve the man paying for that date.

      And when I find a woman that thinks that a man saying "no I won't pay for the date, were going dutch."isnt CHEAP it will be the same day I play hopscotch with a leprechaun and the Easter bunny.

  • Seriously...

    Of course dating is better...

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  • Which do I think is better? Well, I can't cuddle with a prostitute. Well I can, but that costs extra =/.

    No really, this question is really funny to me.

  • well coming from someone who isn't old enough to buy a prostitute and a person who wouldn't want a prstitiute anyway, I think dates for me are enjoyable for both me and the girl imm with. I'm not really interested in sex, I just want to hang out with a really cool girl who I have romantic feelings for. I don't expect her to put out after any date, I think when we are both ready is when she can "put out" but until then being with a pretty girl is enough for me and I have better things to spend money on than sex with someone I don't know or love. but that's just me

    • And I really care about a womans personality too. And I think that men who think fat women are gross are appalling. And I i hate men who objectify women, after all they are human beings god dammit.

      Im not interested in sex either, I'm going to wait until marriage, I'm just saving myself for the right girl you know.. relationships just can't be all about sex. And men and women are equals!!

      (I just threw up in my mouth.)

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    • Thank you drummerdude27...

    • QA, You're the one replacing dating with prostitutes. I think it's pretty unanimous that you're the loser here. Even though he might be underage, I'd far sooner sleep with him than a douchebag like you. I'd be willing to wait till e was ready.

      You must be so lonely...

  • Firstly, I don't think you can seperate "dating" from "relationships", because most normal people date with the intention of getting into a relationship.

    The shallow, insecure people you're talking about may not be thinking long term, so in their case, yes, a prostitute will probably be better.

    It really sounds like you're just using this question to spit out a bitter rant against women. You ask like 3 questions in one.

    1. How many women will accept a man that doesn't pay for a date?

    Before my girlfriend was my g/f, more often than not she paid. She wouldn't even hear of me paying, I had to sneak the check to pay when I could.

    2. Women "put out" to get men to do chores.

    No, this is just wrong. Women put out because they enjoy sex just like we do. It's a natural thing - like eating or sleeping, we enjoy those things because they're hard-wired into us. Yes, I know it's shocking to think that women have desires as well, but get over it. They're human too.


    What's funny is the first date my girlfriend and I went on was for shakes at Jack in the Box and then a walk in the park. 3x of that would total somewhere around $18. Further, my girlfriend lives about 50 miles from me and it doesn't cost me $20 round trip. What the hell are you driving, an aircraft carrier?

    4. Dating is more expensive.

    I have NEVER NEVER NEVER been on a date that cost $100, and I've been dating for what, 17 years now. Even factoring in driving and what not. Never once. So, your highly generalized math is rediculous. I've dated girls when I was completely flat broke living at my mom's place and I've dated girls since I've started making cash and I have my own flat. Your argument might be true for you, but for most of the guys I know, they can get dates whether they have a fiver in their pocket or a swimming pool full of cursed gold coins, doesn't matter.

    5. "She gets half your money".

    Now you're talking about marriage, not dating, when you specifically said you're talking about dating, not relationships. Stop changing your argument to make your rediculous point.

    Bottom line, if your goal is just sex, sex, sex, then yes, getting a prostitute or a GFE makes sense. If your goal is spending time with another human being, regardless of whether you get sex or not, then dating is the answer, cos a prostitute won't give a crap about you other than the money you're throwing at her. You're just as well off buying a blow-up doll - you're basically paying someone to let you use their body to masturbate, that's how much emotional connection you're getting out of it. More power to you, in that instance.

    • 1. Interesting how some people lie just to try and win an argument.

      2. Women don't enjoy sex as much as men do, this is provably false. Sex drive is measured by testosterone in both men and women. Its quantifiable. Men clearly have more testosterone than women. They physically can enjoy sex, but clearly its not as much.

      3. Learn to read, the cost of the average date is clearly explained.

      A WOMAN doesn't give a crap about you other than the money you're throwing at her.

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    • Bottom line is that I can overwhelm you with proof that shows men want hot women.. for what? to chat with?

      And I can overwhelm you with proof that shows women want a man with money. for what? for the man to spend it all?

      Im sure the women in your life like you for you and not for your money. I'm sure they would love you even if you were a homeless bum on the street corner.

      I'm sure you love women who are are over 500lbs with humps on their backs and facial hair.

      Because its what's on the inside.

    • You can throw all the articles you want at me, it doesn't change the face that I'm not lying, my girlfriend is quite attractive, and pays quite frequently and doesn't really care. Then again, it could be because unlike you we both make good money. Enjoy your prostitutes, since your question was loaded from the beginning.

      Also, I still don't see where you're going with the point on marriage. You're claiming it's bad, but a majority still feel optimistic about it and support it.

  • Well I have never or never will pay a chick for sex, however I do see where you coming from. In the long run dating is better, because your not going to spend 300 every time you see your girlfriend, and say you see a hooker 4 times a month, that's already over a grand right there, so why waist your money on sex when you could have saved a grand and bought something you wanted?

    • Again, that's girlfriend and not dating. Dating there are no guarentees, many men can easily spend 300 bucks on 3 different first dates and get nothing out of them.

      You are also assuming that she's going to put out.

    • True but before I had a girlfriend I had sex with chicks on the first date all the time, and if a chick will go on at least 3 dates with you, chances are she likes you, and I can't think of one time where I spent $300 on dates, with the same chick or even with 3 different chicks. So I still say dating is better.

    • 1. There still are no guarantees that women will put out on the first date.

      2. Women are told not to put out on the first date.

      3. Most women don't put out on the first date, and just because you and I have had the experience that some women do, its not what most men's reality is.

  • After reading some comments, I got your point and yes, if we compare things just plain and simple, prostitution might look better than dating. But still, having a girlfriend beats prostitution, just because of the time you spend with your girlfriend. Let's say you live with your girlfriend and/or lives near her, you guys can have sex like what? 3-4 days a week if not everyday (I will not get deep in this subject because it involves people's sex drive and other stuff too..) but yea, lets say 3 times a week, then it gets cheaper than getting a hooker. Imagine you getting a hooker 3 times a week? It would be 900 bucks in just one week...

    My conclusion: prostitution might look better than dating, but we need the dates to actually get a girlfriend and solve the problem.

    (obviously dating/relationships have more things involved than just sex, but I think you guys will get the point...)

    • Having a girlfriend is better than prostitution, obviously.

      That's not the question.

  • As a guy, you end up paying for sex one way or another. Buying movie tickets and dinner is the same as paying cold hard cash to a hooker.

    Its all prostitution, and most women are prostitutes. If they weren't, they would not require money being spent on them in order for the guy to get the reward

    • Oh this made me laugh because it reminded me of a quote from Boondocks.

      Riley was talking to his grandad, because the g-dad has a new girlfriend and didn't know she was an actual prostitute. So Riley says: "You pay for her dinner right? She a hoe! Why can't you just give her the same amount of money you would've for dinner and let that bitch buy herself some groceries instead!?"


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    • That last word was a typo by the way.

      Seriously though question asker, be honest with yourself. You aren't looking for a "good woman," you are just looking for easy sex. You made that clear by actually comparing prostitution as an alternative to dating. Obviously prostitution provides you with easy sex. If you wanted more than that (which you don't) that wouldn't even be an option for you. That's fine. Its your choice but don't pretend you're looking for anything more than sex. Man up to the truth.

    • Seriously though, be honest with yourself, you aren't looking for a good man, you are just looking for easy money. You made that clear by complaining and putting words in peoples mouths.If you wanted more than that (which you dont) you wouldn't be so p*ssed off right now. that's fine its your choice, but don't pretend that your looking for anything more than money. Stop lying.

  • Haha I do see your point. it would obviously depend on what you are looking.

    Some people want an emotional connection as well which you can't buy. Like you said there is does she like me or not. If you are looking for just sex a prostitute might be good.

    But if you want emotional sex and a relationship your better off taking the other road.

    • Actually you end up paying for emotional connection too. In the form of gifts, and paying for dates.

      So yeah, you can buy that.

    • Maybe for a materialistic person but most don't like someone just because they got them a gift.

    • If you as a man, never buy her a gift, never pay for dates, and she's your girlfriend you're going to get dumped.

      Call all women materialistic if you want to, but that's the truth.

      And like I said, because of that, you still end up paying for emotional connection because of it.

  • Not taking this topic seriously, lets do a slight economic analysis..


    sex= £1000 (cash)


    sex + loyality > £1000 (dates..)

    Everyguy is willing to have sex with anygirl; If we are to put a monetary figure on loyality, e,g the cost of raising a child... we would realize that its cheaper to have a Girlfriend than a prostitute..

    Even with DNA tests, the price of loyality is still high because of our ego and need to be the "only one she is having sex.. with"

    • Right, its economically and better overall to have a girlfriend than a prostitute, but this isn't about girlfriends vs prostitutes, its dating vs prostitutes. There is a big difference.

      Plus lets hope the sex is better since having sex with someone you actually care about is actually a hell of a lot better than someone whos a stranger.

    • Yeah but for obvious reasons you can't have a girlfriend without dating....

    • Yes but you can date without a girlfriend. That's the problem.

  • Prostitution all they way!

    its like what Charlie Sheen once said, "i dont pay them for sex i am paying them to leave". so with that said i rather be with a prostitute because with a prostitute you will always get what you pay for and not worried about attachments afterwards. lets not forget that with a prostitute you are always bound to get what you want right away as you dont need to "sweet talk", buy drinks or put a prostitute in the mood for her to give you what you want.

    with a date in the other hand is a total drag as you have to sweet talk her, take her out to dates, buy her drinks, etc just so in the end she will either not leave you alone, stalk every where you go, sabotage your plans in life, and the list goes on!

  • When you look at it closely, when you're dating a woman you are indirectly paying for sex.

    You figure, 3 dates of dinner, movies, shows, and on the thrid date the girl sleeps with you. Add it up and you spent maybe 200-400 to hang out with this person three times so you could get laid.

    Valentine's day: you buy chocolates, jewelry, dinner, whatever else, and for what? To get laid.

    The negative with hookers is that they are openly dirty pigs. Higher risk of catching an STD or even worse AIDS. You might get what you want and even more.

    My friend, I suggest you invest into a rubber doll.


  • This is actually clever. People are hacking it with their emotional prejudice, which you kinda take for granted. But like you keep saying - this isn't relationships vs. prostitution, this is dating vs. prostitution. But you gotta look at that mathmatically. From a human perspective, you start dating in the hope of finding someone you will fall in love with and so on, fulfilling the inbuilt and unexplained desire to connect completely and permanently with another human, and from the same perspective, you hire a prostitute so you can stick the shaft in her, like, basically. But from a mathmatical perspective, you aren't focused on an endgoal.

    Logically, you enter into something - assuming your dating an alltaking woman which is fairly common in America I hear (its not really common where I am, though, but that's because no one actually has any money regardless of who they are, you know what I mean? Hahaha), because everythings fairly common in America - in which you have to pay a sum of money, in exhange for some kind of product. We're not giving that product a name of any kind.

    Now in dating, many times your left with no product - ie. no further relationship, emotional connection or sex. Or even like, helpful cleaning tips, or an extended television liscence, or anything. Right? Nothing. But you've still payed all that money. Now from a human perspective, you expect that. But mathmatically, that's a major WTF. That's a huge risk right there. That's a probably of like 1 (or 2, depending on your disposition.) That's crazy.

    However, in prositution, you pay, assuming the afformentioned amounts are correct, about the same. But with prostitution, a product is guaranteed. Mathmatically, that's the more intellegent choice. Isn't it?

    Ofcourse we don't date for the same reason we hire out ladiez, but logically that's not assumed.There's a sum in there somewhere its like

    Prostiution: M + F = X

    Dating: M + F = ?

    Money, Female, Product, in this scenario.

    ?:1, in ratio terms. Or 9:1, if you wanna go by that rule, but I think that's long dead, ain't it? I'm not really a maths person.

    Anyway, this jokes. Well done.

    Oh by the way, on the idea that pimped prostitutes shouldn't be used because they've got terrible lives, that's a bit whacked out an idea. If we're all kindred souls we'd be using them more, I mean if they don't sell they probably get thrashed around, don't they? Or they don't get their cocaine and get a serious case of the horrors. Its not like if we all decide not to use street harlots they'll all suddenly get better lives, you know? Effectively it'd just add to the unemployment, cost the country more money - assuming this country grants dole - and you'd have hundreds of cracked girls starving on the streets. But your right, you know, about how scarred those girls are left. I know, like, its wild.

  • Here's how I see it:

    Escorts are hotter usually, and you get sexual satisfaction. I don't know how they work. But are they STD free? They surely don't test you. So how does it work?

    Dating, you're trying to accomplish 2 things. 1. The chase. If you like the chase, it's like an accomplishment and it can be fun. You can make her pay as well. 2. The girlfriend experience, where you can cuddle and have her do things for you. It's like an extra friend except you're sexual with her. It can even lead to marriage.

    I know I'm really bad with the ladies so I might go with the P if I continue failing. I'm good with the $, bad with the ladies.

    • Each whore in nevada is regulated by the government so they get tested once a month. They also screen the men, by doing visual penis checks. They also use condoms every time. Of course there is no 100% safe way to avoid getting an std, but that is certainly better than having sex with a woman who isn't forced by her job to get checked, and use condoms and check her men.

      The chase is only good when you win. No one likes to lose. 2. Prostitutes do GFE, but it costs extra.

      And marriage? bleh.

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    • Ideally. but if you want to go by statistics, Most dates don't end in girlfriends.

      And thank god they don't.

    • I see what you're saying... Prostitute if you want to relieve yourself sexually and dating if your goal is to want a girlfriend.

  • Ok. First off if it takes anywhere over $40+ to get, you are a loser. I would enjoy making love to the girl I'm in love with waaaaay more than a dirty whore. The whore doesn't have any passion, and all she's doing it for is money. Not to mention her vaj is probably loose as f***. Grow a pair, find an AWESOME girl, fall in love with everything about her, and get all the best sex in the world, FOR FREE.

    • *to get laid

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    • Secondly, you really don't know if the girl your dating has a lose vagina. This is ASSUMING that you are actually going to get that far. Remember this is not RELATIONSHIPS vs prostitution. this is DATING. Where there is no guarantees your going to get there.

      So now that I shot all of that argument down, to sh*t, what else you got.

    • Oh and one more thing. When your dating you have no idea if she's had 30 kids and decided not to have the surgery, nor do the kegals. And by the way many prostitutes actually do the kegals and they do the surgery. PLUS they have the money to do it since they typically roll in money. So the girl your dating who doesn't have to put out and probably wont, since most first dates don't end in sex, might have 30 kids and be loose as f***. But you'll never know since first dates don't end in sex, "typically"

  • haha, good question man..I bet Charlie Sheen contemplates this on a daily basis too!...anyways, I think it comes down to this: with a ho, you won't get the emotional attachment, the love or the girlfriend experience, just mindless sex.

    I love sex as much as the next guy but that's not enough for me, I want more, I want her to care about me on some level, not necessarily love but care...this is where the argument for a prostitute is lost on me...I would take a regular girl, even with the bitchiness that time of month and all the blah-blah-blah talk and stuff, just because she will also give me her heart...that's crucial...I want her heart, not just her pu**y...

    • I think if you can guarantee emotional attachment with every women you dated, then you would have a point.

      With prostitution you get the guarantee of mindless sex.

  • In the modern US, I"d say the difference between dating and protituton is very slight; the more honest women admit that..

  • It's like comparing home made vs at a restaurant. Home made is imperfect and you do pay with your daily work which some times can be a lot but there is care and you can get an extra piece if you are still hungry. Restaurants will present the food better, sometimes taste great but care less if you are still hungry and want you to pay and leave the premises to allow other customers in. I have no access to home made so I will go to the restaurant. It's the only way to calm down my desire for sex. The women in my environment are too rough, materialistic and picky. Maybe one day...

  • A Girl wants to get married. A guy wants to have sex.

    Dating is a game where a girl and/or a guy could win it.

    You choose to take her to an expensive restaurant. You could just take her on a date in a park.


    Man is a hunter and only looser pays to get for he wants. A good hunter would walk 1000 miles after the grizzly bear and kill him when he could just buy a dead/in a cage bear for a much cheaper price.

    What is a satisfaction of paying for sex? 30 minutes?

    What about the satisfaction of meeting a real love of your life?

    - At least a couple of years.

  • There's SO much more to enjoy with girls than just sex. Girls, I can assure you that we're not all like this. I for one think prostitution is disgusting. :)

    • Your right, and way to kiss a girls ass.

      Kissing women's asses is the best way to get you laid. For sure. (rolls eyes)

      And this is not dating vs sex, its dating vs prostitution. there is a difference.

    • Thank you letmethinkaboutit.

  • I paid $500 total for sex with four girls. Do you think it was worth it? It was guaranteed sex, but I kept ejaculating within five minutes with each girl. Chinese girls have a rule that if you ejaculate, you can't continue having sex without paying extra. That's why I ended up going to the prostitutes four times. So, on average it was $125 per girl. I got tired of being a virgin, so I decided to go to prostitutes in August 2015 since it was a sure-fire way to get laid without all the risk of not getting laid through dating. I mean what if I ended up paying more than $500 for dates and never got laid. That would've made me really sad. I read one guy doing just that. He went on expensive dates with girls but not one girl would have sex with him. That's not cool. I think I will start dating girls now, since I have nothing to lose. Sex isn't necessary for me anymore because I have good memories of sex now, but I still want to have more sex with girls. I have a really high sex drive.

  • I don't know. I messed up early on by not accepting the couple or so of girls that would have liked me. Then time goes by so fast and here I am in the 21C at 46. I was the so-called "nice" guy. I've only known prostitutes. It's what works for me. I'm an expert at it. I've never been sick or had any problems. I spend within my means $65-$100. I'm cool with it and hate no one. I'm not cheating on no one. It is what is is. I got no experience with civies and nobody is rushing to date me not even the "ugly" girls from long ago.
    So it depends. But if you can find a nice girl until divorce or 4ever. Take what life gives you.

  • Ok, Deal! You'll go after the hookers, I'll stay with my wife.

    • Yeah go ahead and have fun having sex with one woman the rest of your life. You enjoy that.

  • I find both to be rather pointless.

  • Prostitution vs Dating ? thts a terrible mismatch. The point of prostitution is for you to have sex. The point of dating, is not sex, it is to bond with her. And I guess you've only gone out with gold-diggers, because not all girls want you to spend a lot on dates.

    • I would say the point of dating is evolutionarily meant to pair bond and eventually propagate the species. Which usually is done through sex.

  • I couldn't agree more with you. I am not even bad looking, but I'm kinda broke. Its been harder for me to get a date than before. Most women are prostiutes, I know some girls will bash me for saying this, but the same ones that would criticize me, would not date a guy who makes less money than they do, or who wants to pay evenly at the movie dinner etc. which proves my point

    • I ain't callin you a gold digger, but you ain't messin with no broke.

  • You're not actually suppose to date women only for sex...

    • If you don't close the deal, then there's no point.

    • There are plenty of women who want the same thing are you afraid of diseases or something? lol

  • Dating/relationship z better...simple

  • Sorry but im just not interested in dating.

    You are at the brothel or parlor for an hour get a little chat then to the sex and you or she leaves. No muss or fuss, and no emotional "tests" or any of that garbage that comes with dating.

    • Plus no need for a call back unless you request it. I like my connections in small doses.

  • Prostitution is VILE. Boy, we act as if we're nuttin but if the soul and emotions don't even exist.

  • Dating is the exact same as prostitution, except you are gambling with a pay out or not and its more expensive.

  • The saying around here is why beg for it when you can pay for it...

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