He canceled on my the third date and I was really digging him. What to do?

I was suppose to go on a third date today but then the guy canceled on me. We were suppose to go out today at 8:30pm. At 8:34pm he sent me a text message saying "Hey sorry 4 the late text but my dad's nephew is still here and their getting into an argument. You wanna make it 4 tomorrow. the plus side is that the fireworks will be on late night so it'll be a nice view". I got my hair and nails done today! So yeah, I was kinda p*ssed. I still have not responded so I am wondering what to respond. To be fair I canceled on him yesterday but that is because I had a guest from out of town so I kinda of had to, which I mad about because I really did want to see him. Also just yesterday, he said he had been drinking with his dad's nephew (and he said he's not a big drinker. Honestly he doesn't seem like it but who knows). How should I respond to his text? should I go out with him 2morrow or make it for another day, like for example Monday? What to do?I know he's into me, you could tell he was sincere about it. He doesn't seem like those people. to bring people's hope up or waste my time in my case.


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  • I don't see a problem. You cancelled. He cancelled. Things happen. Just go out on the date.


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