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Can someone who loves you really have the will power to stand their grounds and not be with you?

Ok so I've been sleeping with this guy for about two months.. seen him every day talked to him every second every hour of the day.. all the time. But I had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn't ready for anything and I told him this from the start.. he agreed he wasn't ready for anything he just wanted to go with the flow.. eventually we were starting to have boundaries with one another.. rules all these little things basically in a relationship without the title. Things got sour.. and we recently stopped talking texting and hanging out for a month. Well I caved and texted him two days ago.. just to make sure he's good and that we weren't on bad terms.. he replied instantly and we had talked all night.. he asked to see me I wasn't ready.. and then the next day no text no nothing.. so I texted him again he replied right away.. well I finally seen him and it was great like nothing changed.. but he seemed really iffy about me he seemed hurt he seemed sad and just told me that I have all these men after me he can't do this again.. and we just kept talking about everything.. we kissed we touched we did not have sex. We left each other and he has not texted me or gotten a hold of me at all today.. I'm really confused because we had a heart to heart yesterday and he just seemed so at ease about the fact that we were talking and infront of each other.. he told me he thinks about me all the time and that he's always checking my orofile to see how I am and he just knew so much about why I've been doing with certain people etc.. but he seems scared to get hurt.. I don't understand he doesn't seem like the type to worry about getting his feelings hurt.. but apperently his words I'm not ready for anything and I have too many guys trying to get with me. .. guys!! In all honesty do you guys fear getting your feelings hurt.. why can't it guys just talk about it?
Can someone who loves you really have the will power to stand their grounds and not be with you?
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