When a girl texts you again when you don't respond, is it annoying?

I had asked a guy that I like to hang out and he said yes, so I told him I would let him know what days are good for me after I got my work schedule and he say OK. So I texted him to let him know and I didn't get an answer. Would it be annoying to tell him again. or what would be clever way to play it off. Help Please! :)


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  • Hello,

    DONT TEXT.. EVER, there a complete waste of time and will only cause frustration becouse there's no context and there WAY to easy to misread..

    Trust me I see these kind of problems ALL the time.. when you want to see him CALL HIM..

    Good Luck


  • no no no. Don't text him. Pick up the phone and call him.

    Texts aren't good for anything except short messages you don't expect to get a response from, and telling your boyfriend to get home quick cause all your wearing is a smile and a bikini made out of whipped cream.


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