To kiss or not to kiss?

I like this guy. A LOT. and he likes me. We aren't dating (yet), but we act like we pretty much are.

I made a conscious decision not to kiss until my wedding day, because I think It would b cool to have your first kiss on your wedding day. But this guy makes it so hard! I always have the urge to kiss him, but yet I want to wait. But yet I want to kiss him. Before I told him I Didn't want to kiss he almost kissed me, but I don't know if he was playing or for real. So what do you people think I should do?


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  • i think that's just a pretty tough thing for you to ask anyone to comply with.

    Affection is a part of appreciation.

    • He told me that he was ok with not kissing. It's basically what I choose to do.

    • He may have said ok..but I highly doubt he'd comply with that for a long time.

  • If its some sort of religion not kiss him until marraige, then stick with that. You should know he might leave you though if you take too long to make a move. On the other hand, if you kiss him first it will drive him crazy(: he'll love it. I'm always the first one to kiss in the relationship and everyone guy I've done it with loved it.

    • It's not religous, it's just what I heard and wanted to do.