Is it bad for him to talk and hang out with his ex?

Okay so I was wondering I like this one guy and well we both like each other. So my point is , Is it bad for him to talk and hang out with his ex and he tells me nothing is going on. Should I believe that nothing is going on or what. HELP!


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  • no

    at worst he might still be hooking up with her like so many exes do.

    however he's not going to get back with her if he admitted to liking you. just worry when you guys start hooking up or become official.

    i hope this helps.

    • Yeah I know about exs hooking up and everything :/

      And well we have been hooking up already so I don't know if I should be worried?

    • Now its that grey area, so it depends how he would feel if he knew you were hooking up with other dudes hypothetically. maybe you guys might want to talk about this subject, because technically he's allowed to hook up with both of you right now, and I'm sure he's loving it. I would amp up his jealousy to have him take you more seriously. go out more, start talking to other dudes, and make sure he knows it, or else he's gonna keep playing you if he knows he makes the rules?

      good luck!

    • Your right I think I'm gonna start going out and talking to other guys and see what happens

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  • Its not logical, they broke up for a reason, why would they spend time together if they can't get along?


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  • If you only 'like' each other, and you're not dating or anything, then it doesn't matter either way. You haven't really got that much right to demand explanations, and he doesn't have any obligation to tell you. But if he says that there's nothing going on, maybe you should believe him.