I'm afraid to kiss him because it will be my first!

Hey people I am about to have my first real kiss with my emo boyfriend and I love him with all my heart but I have never ever kissed a guy before so in one week we have the kiss but I'm afraid to kiss him because it will b my first and I'm afraid to mess up.

How do I kiss him?

how do I feel confident in front of him ?


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  • hun, just relax. it's pretty hard to mess up. just don't force it. it'll be great! (:


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  • First of all, how did you get with him if he's emo?

    • I actually asked him if he has a girlfriend and he said no, then he asked me why so then I told him that I just wanted to know and I said yes so then he asked me out. we have been dating since 26 March 2010

    • You just got lucky on that one. I'm surprised you didn't have to waste so much time with him in order to get to this. Everyone else just has the relationship thing so easy.

    • Well we have been friends for 3 months and then he asked me out because I am so kind generous and I help him through his moments

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  • Just go with the flow. Just follow his lead. It's lovely, the first kiss. If you are that worried, you could always practice on a pillow! Seeing this was posted 2 weeks ago, so you have probably kissed him now! Hope it went well!

    • No unfortunately not because he broke up with me because of distance :(