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How to approach a Girl with an abusive ex?

I've been seeing this girl. We met at our local country bar (we both like to dance). She showed a high level of interest in me. We hung out a few times and just kissed, then she hit me with the "i don't want anything my last relationship sucked text. I told her I wasn't interested in friends and stopped talking to her. A few weeks later we started dancing again and she showed more interest, she would text me, asked me if I was going out to our spot. We've since kissed again and she's even posted videos and pics of us dancing and tagged me all over social media with captions like " love dancing with this one". . This past week she said hows she's sorry she's hasn't been replying but she's been dealing with her stalker ex boyfriend, went on to tell me how he's crazy and he abused her. I told her i understand and you're safe with me and take all the time you need. She's pretty normal in person, lets me hold her phone, lets me touch her hair/back/legs. But she'll take forever to reply to texts sometimes and be on her phone a lot when we're at the dancing bar but she does acknowledge me and comes up to me on her own. Im confused because she seems normal when i'm with her at the bar but it's tough to hangout with her outside of that sometimes. Her best friend told me her ex was really bad so I'm thinking maybe that's why she acts distant sometimes. We are both in our early 20's. Am I just her Friday night dance guy, or is interested and should I keep on being patient and cool and showing her I won't be like her ex? I do like her and want to continue on. Just need to know how to continue.
How to approach a Girl with an abusive ex?
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