She said she would text me when she was not busy.

I met a girl at a party,and we had a nice talk. We left each other numbers. I called her to ask her out. She said yes. But on that day we were supposed to have a data, she canceled at last minute.The reason she said was about the rain and busy at school work. She told me she would text me when she got less work. But actually she never texted me if I don't text her first.

Does it mean I'm totally f***ed up without any chance? Do I need to keep texting her or not.

PS; she has a Boyfriend and he was also at that party.


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  • ok um she wouldn't have gave you her number if she didn't like you . but have you talked to her a few times before calling and asking on the date.?

    • Thx buddy.Well we didn't get chance to see each other other after that party. But I texted her some times.

      Today, she invited me to watch the world cup, and her Boyfriend was there as well. She just said he was one friend of hers. Germany was beaten by Spain. After I left, I text her to comfort her. She reply me that it's more important that we saw each other again. And during the game she kept calling me sweety. Does it mean I could do something to make it on?

    • Of couse you can ..... I'm dealing with a problam I like this person but we said how we felt and he said I love you to me ...... but I don't know what's going on in his mind.

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