Should I cut her out?

So I met this girl at a wedding that my friend brought me to. She came up and said hello to us. She's from out of town (about 3 hours away) and I asked if she wanted to go anywhere. We were at our reception table and I was on my phone texting a friend. She asked if she could borrow my phone to call her sister so I said okay. After the reception she's texting me from her sister's phone asking when we were going to go. So we went to a yogurt place with 3 of my friends and on the way there she told me she was cold. I gave her my jacket and she said she was still cold so I put my arm around her. Inside the shop she's doing something with her sister's phone so I ask her what kind of phone she had just to start a conversation. She grabs my phone and puts her number in. For the next 2 weeks we talk every night flirting and whatnot. At first I wasn't interested but I guess she grew on me. My friends and I were heading up to where she lived to play in a soccer tournament. We hung out that night and I noticed she was talking to my friend a lot more than me. I asked her if she had a thing for him and she said no. I've asked her this when we first started talking too. The next day I decided to ask her out on a date, nothing serious. She responds with "a date? does that mean you're interested in me?" "when did this start?" so I assumed she wasn't interested which is fine because that would've been a big commitment on my part to see her. My phone was running out of battery so I told her that I had to go. She then texts back asking for my friend's number. I assumed that she was going to ask him about me but I gave it to her anyway. She texts me later that night like normal. The next day she messages me on aim and asks why I'm not as talkative anymore. I told her that I didn't know what to say. So we talk like normal and I decided to ask her why she said no. She told me that she had a crush on my friend but she's not gonna go for him. I got mad because she pretty much lead me on for 2-3 weeks. I told her that I'm definitely not going to be the 2nd pick and said bye and logged off. She texts me right away asking if I'm mad. I said no, gl with insertfriendnamehere, bye. She tells me I'm being an ass and that she already told me that she's not going to do anything with him. I respond with "yep... I'm an ass" and she says... "You were never going to be the 2nd pick and you never will. I never thought of you that way. Just saying." At this point I'm sitting here thinking... wow what a bitch. I just respond saying "I'm gonna go ahead and take the high road and not reply to that. Bye" She doesn't say anything for a few hours and texts back "You're never going to talk to me ever again are you?" I ignore it. The next day she's waiting for me to sign on aim and when I do she logs on right away and puts in her status "Where's my daily laugh?". I log off and she texts me "I think you're being really immature about this."

I text back telling her that we shouldn't be friends. And she says.. why not? And this is where I'm stuck :| sorry for the wall of text.


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  • wow, she seems rather strange to me. She's rather pushy and rude but if you want her out of your life then it's really up to how you feel. Would you be happier with her gone or would you rather give her another chance. I don't know if I'm being helpful sorry if I'm not lol.


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