Should I still text / call him?

I've been seeing this guy, and I called him yesterday asking if he wanted to catch up. He was like 'yeah, sure, let me know what your doing tomorrow.' I didn't call, for some reason I expected him to call me. It's now 7pm and I haven't heard from him (obviously), should I still text him or something? What should I say? I don't know why I didn't text hey.


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  • To be honest I wouldn't text or call him. A guy likes a challenge, and as much as I disagree with game playing I think its important that at the beginning of a relationship the guy do the chasing, don't text or call him, and I promise you if this guy likes you, then you'll hear from him pretty soon after he realizes you aren't contacting him. If he doesn't contact you well then he's clearly not worth it, and well to put it bluntly he's just not that into you. Hope this helps!

    • We've been seeing each other about two months, so I think it's past the point of him call me 24/7 (which has happened) But yeah, I don't know if I should still text him tonight. Thanks for the advice though!

    • Oh well if you've been seeing him for two months he could just have been busy but let him make contact.. if you had plans and he never contacted you he needs to apologise!

    • Nah, we spoke yesterday and he was like 'I wanna see you blah blah, let me know what your plans are.' And I didn't, that's why wi'm wondering if I still should :S