Guys would you ever date a girl who is smarter then you are?

yes there are smart girls out there! so guys would you ever take a chance to date a smarter girl than you are? Wouldn't she intimidate you in some way where she would show you how smart she can be. How she can talk about anything and keep conversations going. Imagine that girl is beautiful but she is smarter then you. Would still chase her just to be with her?


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  • I've yet to meet a girl that is smarter than a guy.

    Intimidate me? Nah. I think she would inspire me to become more smart so I would finally be able to outsmart her. Sure I would be mad at first that she's trying to outsmart me (or she IS actually outsmarting me), but I wouldn't show that.

    And if she can talk about anything and keep conversation, I'd be simply happy. Not many girls can do that.

    I wouldn't chase her, however. "Never chase women or buses: there will always be another".

  • I actually like samrt girls.. way more interesting than a dumb one I woundt mind at all if she was smarter than me..and you say beutifull and smart...thats one hell of a good combo!


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