Is this the new standard relationship/dating avoidance line?

I've been single for a year after just getting out of a difficult relationship with a lovely alcoholic who in the end (well, it could have been all the way through for all I know) cheated on me.

So I've taken everyone's advice and taken time to be single and 'heal' but now I feel ready to meet someone. Because my last relationship was all consuming (N.B. NEVER shut out your friends and family for ANY boyfriend/girlfriend) I have lost contact with a lot of my friends so find it hard to get out there and meet people.

Under the advice of a friend I've started volunteering, started a course, started a dance class AND joined a few dating sites. But ALL the guys I've met just want the same thing from me-sex.

In the last month I have met 4 guys who have told me (almost word for word) "ya, I've just come out of a [insert B.S here] relationship and I don't think I'm ready for another one blah,blah..." . Another guy told me he can't get into anything serious because he is "moving country in after the summer". And all that I gave my number to were too cheap to even call all they did was text! WTF!

its so cliche, kinda like "it's not you, it's me"

So guys (and girls as well I suppose) have you ever said this to anyone? Has anyone said it to you? do you think you/they were being genuine when it was said?


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  • You are asking if we trust what these guys are telling you. Do they give you reason not to? Have you caught them in lies? Where did you meet these guys? Dating sites? There are a lot of jerks out there - I've met a few myself.. It could be a legitimate line - or not. Does it matter? Clearly , they are not interested for WHATEVER their reasons are. Does it matter? Just move on to the next one. You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince.. AND because you did survive a difficult relationship.. PLEASE be aware that you have been burned and don't hold this last drunk/cheat guy responsible for the next guys you meet. They deserve a chance. And if you have already decided they're gonna screw you over - they will detect that vibe and run for the hills. Be positive - be active - give them a chance -- and if you don't like what you see/hear - move to the next one. Good luck, Sweetie. Hugz.

    • Thanks, ill keep that in mind :)

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