Red flags and online dating?

If you meet someone on a dating site, at what point do you give them your phone number for texting or calling? I like to go slow and make sure they aren't some crazy weirdo by emailing for a bit but it seems like some guys get mad if you don't try to connect and meet them immediately.


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  • Only when you feel online can play nice and be something else when you see them so be careful..If you can google them!


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  • The safest way to "online date" is for the guy to give YOU his phone number. Not the other way around. It's far more important for the girl to protect herself - the guys can take care of themselves but you are right in wanting to avoid WIERDOS!.. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR NUMBER until you have met this guy IN PERSON. You can connect as fast as you want to.. but HE must give you HIS number... And when you call back? Block Your Number.

    Star ( *67) and then dial his number. This way he cannot trace you. Never use a home phone - and if you MUST call when you feel more comfortable - use your cellphone. Once you have recognized his number and you may have decided not to talk to him - don't pick up. Ignore him and he will go away. But Plan A where you call him... IS THE BEST WAY! Good luck.