How do trashy women get boyfriends? Guys I need your opinions.

Perhaps this is my desperate attempt to feel better, but my ex and I had a somewhat mutual breakup a couple months ago. Although he was the one who initiated it but he tried to get back together and I said No. Anyway, he always complimented me on being sexy but classy. Always carried myself well, never got sloppy when we'd go out and party. My freaky side was saved for him and I in the bedroom. His friends would always tell him and me that I was beautiful and a lot of fun. A girl that could be part of their group and very laid back.

HOWEVER, my ex started dating a new girl almost immediately. My polar opposite. I suppose she's pretty, but all of her pics on Facebook are of her sloppy drunk, sticking her tongue out, flipping off the camera, bending over in short skirts, etc. His guy friends have told me privately that she's mean and acts very stuck up and annoying. They got in a relationship very fast. I'm kind of hurt I guess that he'd get in a relationship so quick with a girl nothing like me.

How do girls like this get boyfriends? We're all 20 years old by the way.


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  • How do trashy women get boyfriends? Easy, they put out. Typically on or before the first date. Let's not pretend he's going to marry this girl or anything. She's simply an easy rebound to take his mind off you for a while. Eventually one or both will get sick of the other and the "relationship" will end.


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  • She's different and sometimes a guy just needs something different. Same question here for guys to girls: "Why do some real douche bags have awesome women?"

    My question to you would be why do you care? He tried to get back together with you and you shot him down. Basically telling him you have moved he has so it seems odd you're still interested in what he is doing...or whom

    • I hadn't lost feelings for him, he just began treating me bad. That's why I didn't go back.

  • He's with her for the sex and that's pretty much it


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