First kiss leading to more?

So here’s the set up. I kinda grew up with this kid and I saw him yesterday with a bunch of other people. He lives about an hour away from me, he just came into town to visit his friends. All of us went out to lunch and went swimming at a different guy’s house.

The guy that I grew up with (Kyle) is known to hit on a lot of girls. I understand this. He was flirting with me, like I would hold onto a soccer ball and he wanted it so he’d come up behind me and try to take it away from me. He kept splashing me and hugging me when I got dressed to “dry himself off.”

Later I was sitting of a table when everyone else was in the pool. I was the only one dressed because I got cold. Kyle got dressed and sat by me. We were just talking.

Then we went out and stood out by some vehicles, all of us. There was a moped there and Kyle wanted to show me his old house. Quote on quote, so he wanted to take me out for a ride. It wasn’t his moped it was somebody elses. After a few minutes he stopped the moped and turned around and we started making out. He left at 5:00.

He texted me later last night and said.

Kyle: “So how was it?”

Me: “Lol how was what?”

Kyle: “The moped ride and what happened during”

Me: “You tell me”

Kyle: “I asked you first”

Me: “Haha I don’t know:)”

Kyle: “Lol yea you do”

Me: “Ah…possibly”

Kyle: “Which means… ? :)”

Me: “I’m not too sure haha”

Kyle: “Good kisser?”

Me: “It was a weird position lol but yeah sure”

Kyle: “It was weird lol we need to see how it is some other way or is that just me?”

Me: “Ha I don’t know I’m a good kisser right?

Kyle: “An awkward angle but yah sure otherwise would I say we should try it again sometime? :)”

Anyways yeah I want him to fall for me even though he’s a player obviously he’s attracted to me but what should I do to make him really, really want me? I’m not giving myself away too much I’m making him work or a it a little because I am hard to get.


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  • It sounds like he already does really want you! Ask him when the next time he is coming in town is and for him to call or text you when he does. Let him initiative conversations and make plans, but definitely go for it.

    • But he's considered a player.