Dating women with children?

If you are just looking to date someone casually and not going to get serious with them at all. Would you be put off of the woman if she had a child, and if yes then why?


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  • Well it depends if the child gets in the way of making casual plans?

    Personally I have two boys, so finding a woman who have kids provides another way (for me at least) to connect and have something more to talk about. So I don't mind at all..


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  • My one guy friend is not looking for a serious relationship anytime soon. Everytime I see him he has a different girl on his arm. I swear he changes girls so many times. To him, he doesn't care at all about the girl's family, relationship, orientation, beliefs, etc. He doesn't care because he's not looking to care. he just wants to have fun with anyone who is looking for the same thing.

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