Dating life stalled and I'm running out of ideas?

i don't know I'm 25 and feel its totally going nowhere and although I meet interesting girls every now and then I never end up dating them and they always seem to either have a boyfriend who is supposedly better than me or they simply aren't interested in me or at least not interested in dating me . they might still be OK with being friends but nothing physical or romantic . I don't know its all so frustrating to go through at such an age and not have these experiences .


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  • It sounds like you're not happy with yourself man.. I can tell you from experience, You need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else. Its when you're have a glow about you or find yourself doing what you enjoy is when you meet the people who fit you the most. Funny thing is you won't even be trying.

    I say right now, look at yourself and think of all the things you're not happy with.. Are you teeth a little crooked? Get braces.. do you feel you need to hit the gym more? change your diet and exercise more.. Feel good about you and love yourself.. Work towards a goal or something you've always wanted to do.. Don't rely on a girl to make you happy.. half the times they don't know themselves what happiness is that's why they are stuck on a past relationship.. or go from guy to guy.

    Live your life, be happy with who you are if not change, strive for success, and love will find you.

    oh btw.. the whole expression Don't look for love, love will find you.. That works when love knows you exist. Sitting in your house playing video games or watching movies (not saying this is you) waiting for love to come knocking on your door will never work. Get out mingle, meet a ton of people.. Enjoy life and I bet you will be happy :)

    If you want more advice feel free to message me man. GL!

    • Yeah I've done the gym thing and tried to get my teeth whitened ( which turned out to be a total scam ) so I have worked on physical improvements in recent months . I think overall I'm more satisfied with myself and life than in past years . I'm just frustrated with the girls and not having success with them for whatever reasons , ever girl I meet just seems to turn into another frustrating experience that leads no where .

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    • What do you mean "don't look for love, love will find you"? because a girl will never ask a guy out or be the one to take charge

    • You will bump into the right person for you and things will just happen...

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  • I'm 26 and I've met some great people okcupid, the free internet dating site. Lots of people are using those types of sites now. It's worth a shot!

    • Never really heard of that site before but over the years I have tried the online thing but I lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere back then so it never really ever lead anywhere . now I'm at college in a larger city but not really sure the online thing is the best option here is there is a lot of things to do here and a lot of single girls , I just don't seem to be geting dates with any of them

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  • dude start a band and be the lead singer, you'll get so laid I promise.

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