I dated my best friend I'm in love with.

Long story short.

I dated my best friend I'm in love with. I wasn't ready for us so we took a break. I ended up dating another guy for a short period of time cause he asked and we're friends.The guy I'm in love with got all p*ssy and instead of waiting like he promised he goes and starts dating my best friend. They both know how I feel for him and this is what I get...Is there even a point to me living if they only guy I've ever want to be with is the girl I trusted my life with? If it is then what do I do?


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  • The unwritten rule is that if you get to date other people, so does he, so don't be surprised when he does. Annoying as that may be.

    I'd stop dating anyone else for a while and see if you can get him to start dating you again.

    But if not, another unwritten rule is that there is always a better guy down the road. You'll use your previous boyfriend as a benchmark and won't want to date anyone who isn't as nice/good/whatever as he was, but you will be willing to date guys who have better qualities! And there are literally millions of those guys just waiting to find you. Keep your eyes open, you'll find one, probalby sooner than you think!

    • Well see the thing is he left me last summer and cut off all communications and dated 2 other girls without telling me. He kept telling me he loved me before that.

      My plan.

      I'll keep that in mind. Thanks

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  • You broke off the relationship, moved on to another relationship, and expected the dude to twiddle his thumbs until YOU felt like dating him again? That is stupidity, but not on his part.

  • Does the carpet match the curtains?


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  • Everyone else has pretty much summed it up, but I just wanted to add a piece of advice from my own experience.

    First of all, does he love you? How does he act towards you now? I mean, what's your relationship with him now, are you even friends?

    The reason I ask is because, he dated her because you hurt him. It's as simple as that. His action isn't really one of betrayal, because you betrayed him first. He retaliated the only way he knew he could (I'm not justifying it, but I'm trying to tell you why).

    If you knew he loved you and you still know it now, then you can know that he's only with her because it was a way to get back at you, not because he really cares about her. As for her reasons, I have no idea what's going through her head, but I'd probably never talk to her again..

    But anyway, if he loves you and you love him, it can still work if you're still willing to put up a hell of an effort. I'm not saying to break them up, I'm just saying they probably won't last. So if they collapse and you still want a chance, all you need to do is what you should've done before - be loving and genuine and faithful. Show him you love him and that you're sorry for what you did (but you need to actually realize your mistake), and he may choose to forgive you in time.

    Don't think it's the end of the world just because you don't have what you want right now - go out and work for it

    • Makes sense all the way but the thing is I can't turn my back on her. We've both been through hell and back together. And I would never end my life purposelly. That's something I could never do. I kind of float through life sometimes but I do realize I need to fight. Thanks

  • Well hello you dated one f your friends so anyone else is his fair game. Shame on both of them for their ties with you but hey, what goes around comes around. And you weren't ready to be with the person you're in love with? I think you're not ready to commit to anyone and maybe you should look into your love for him a little deeper.

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