So this guy kissed me like out of the blue- I happen to like him so it's OK, lol - but the weird thing is-

I asked him: how did you know I like you?

He said: ' I did not know' (very seriously)

But he got all serious - he seemed defensive... I am not sure why that would have bothered him. it was a straightforward question . not like a challenge - just oh how did you know...


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  • gotta tell us his background. Did he recently got out of a relationship or what? If he got serious then something might happen before with his ex or something

    • Um really don't know when his last girlfriend was. We have only been hanging out for about 1 month. He said he liked me for 1 year (he thinks we met a year ago & I ignored him- I don't remember -tho I don't c why he'd lie) & he had always been attracted to me&he had wanted to get 2 know me for a long while. oh lol& his cousins met in paris & married 3 days later - I don't know lol. As far a hanging out with him he has seemed fairly normal, & he is very interesting,very respectful &he has many similar interests

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