Why do boys do this ?

This has happened to me and my friend.

I liked a guy and he liked me a lot too. So we'd talk everyday.

The boy said he wanted me to be his girlfriend but he was just kind of shy to ask. Three days ago he was saying how he missed me and wanted to oovoo. 3 days later, he's on Facebook talking to this girl he apparently wants to date now, and he won't answer me at all. Why won't he even answer me. I understand if he doesn't want to be with me but why won't he say that or anything at all even ..I'm really confused.


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  • He's immature and doesn't know that the value of a relationship is in the things you do together. He probably just wants to tell other people that he's with someone.

    Be glad that he's gone hon. He'd be a rubbish boyfriend anyway. Find someone who wants to spend time with you, talk with you and have fun with you.

    That's a boyfriend. Someone you have real world, real life experiences with.

    If he's skipping off in three days then he's not really an anything - just a guy you met who went away before you had a chance to get to know him properly.

    • We've liked each other for a year

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  • The joys of dealing with young boys. They are only committed until the next shiny thing grabs their attention.


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  • First off he's young and not ready to commit. He dost know what he want and chances are..He just wanted to get in you pants. When it comes to men telling a female that they don't want anything to do with them, they are cowards. Instead of dealing with the emotional they would just rather ditch you and let it figure it out your own.

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