UGHHH... What is she doing?

Okay so I sent this girl from work (we work in diff locations and only communicate via email) a text message last week to the extent of "I was curios what the name of that perfume you wore" - I asked this because we went out on a date about a month ago and I got her perfume on me after we hugged each other - twice in fact. Mind you it took me about a week to force myself to throw the shirt into the wash - (hey it's the only thing of 'hers' I had.) haha. Sooo she never answered me back. Fast forward to today and wrote her something to the effect of "Okay you have me reduced to grovelling.are you gonna clue me in on that perfume you wore?" And answer.yet she'll on occasion be a little flirty back whether its email or on some text msg. What is she doing? Or have I not picked up on something?

Oh yeah. I asked her out on a second date about a week ago (which I forgot to mention) and she was all for it but I picked a weekend where she had a bridal shower and and house warming party.booked! So there hasn't been any 'idle' lapses per se.
and yes I forgot to also mention that we do talk on a regular basis, call , etc but on occasion she seems pretty selective when she wants to respond. Both of us work very demanding and long schedules.
Well STOP THE hour after I sent this in.just before I took off this morning she sends me my answer at 7:25 AM. Guess things aren't always as they seem! haha!


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  • I am a person who tends to put things off even if I like a guy, I will talk to him and tell him we should hang out soon, but the actual hanging out part just makes me nervous as anything. If I were interested and wanted a relationship I would personally text a guy back or call him back. It depends on the interest level, where he lives, what my schedule is like, and so on. Some girls are just to busy with their friends and going out and doing whatever. It sounds like she might like you, could be nervous and such. If your attempts keep failing then forget about her move on, and hopefully you'll find another girl, and who knows she might like you later on. I didn't like a guy about a year ago, he used to call me everyday when he was in rehab and it was his only call. So we hung out together and he said he meant and wanted to kiss me before I left work. I was with him later and he did. We chilled once and then after that he never really called or asked me to chill again, but I was pretty quiet and shy because I didn't know to many of the people there and I had told him that, he said it was ok. But we haven't chilled since. But good luck.

    • I also figured that if she really didn't want me talking to her or wasn't interested, she would never return the msgs at all...would find excuses not to hang out (she always thanks me for asking) Or tell me straight up that she isn't interested. She will pepper some flirtations here and there. But yeah before work yesterday she told me out of the blue what the perfume was. Doesn't sound like a girl who seems disinterested! Thanks for the input

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  • First of all, you haven't dated again in over a month. That in itself is a sure sign. I would just

    sum it up as to you are only text msg. pal. It is easier to flirt with someone else, in a sexier

    way, then in person. The two do not always transfer when you met. She could also have

    a boyfriend. There could be all kinds of reasons. If it still bothers you, you should text

    her back, tell her, then go on. Good Luck!

    • She said she was willing to go on a second date but the weekend I had suggested (last week) she was booked. And she's definitely single. I forgot to add that part

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  • Try asking her on a date, move past the perfume.