Is She Hot Or Is She Cold?

We were flirting heavily at the bar.

Two days later we made out on the beach.

The next day I called her and we made out at my place.

The next day she called me and we walked on the beach but she was stand-offish; I asked if she was "cool" with what we were doing and she said she is happy with things.

The next day I called her and she invited me over; we went for a drive and ended up back at my place.

The next day she called and wanted to come over, so she did.

The entire time we were chatting and enjoying each other's company, although I initiated every single kiss, etc.

The next day she wanted to do something together, at the last moment she blew me off and went somewhere else.

She sends me upbeat text messages and when I reply I don't hear from her again!

I'm not playing games; I'm not being needy, she knows I like her but I have my own life. I'm not calling her all the time but I'm not playing any games, either.

What is she doing?


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  • She wants you to want a relationship with her , she feels you only want to get physical and she seems to enjoy it but wants to hear " I like you " I can see a relationship between us , and you probably haven't said anything ans she doesn't wanna be played used for physical needs and then not relationship. women just don't open up about this right her more , ask her to go with you to a movie , a nice dinner in a nice restaurant she won't ditch you!


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  • What kind of vibe are you putting out there. I'm not getting a potential relationship vibe from you but more of a hang out buddy vibe. Maybe she is looking for more down the road and perhaps she isn't feeling that is a direction you want to take.

    Just saying.


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