I feel like he is less into me, but he always kisses me when we see each ?other

I've been seeing this guy for 3 month. Now it feels like he isn't that crazy about me anymore... but when we do see each other, he still kisses me on the lips (we are not officially dating so it's not like he has to kiss me) what does it mean?

But I do feel like the relationship is going down.. maybe I should give him an ultimatum? be with me of forget about me? Or maybe this is just the worst time to ask?

I really like this guy and it hurts that things are not the same as it used to...


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  • How is the relationship going down hill?

  • DON'T give him an ultimatum. I suggest don't give him as much attention as you have been. Back off a little & see how he reacts. You guys have been seeing each other for a few months & that honeymoon stage is not as strong as it was. It doesn't mean he likes you any less. Don't contact him as much, let him come to you.


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