Dating My Complete Opposite

So, I'm going out with this guy from my theatre tomorrow, and am really concerned because I'm pretty sure we don't have anything in common. He's a sports guy, I'm a choir girl, he's loud, I'm quiet. I'm worried about what we'll talk about! Any hints? Can dating or having a relationship with your opposite work?

If it helps, he's already told me that he likes me via text, and I really like him. He broke up with his girlfriend of a year a month ago, so I don't know if I'm just a rebound... please help!


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  • It could go either way, really. On one hand, your differences could mean that you'll be able approach life from two separate perspectives and each bring a lot to the conversation that the other person may not be aware of. On the other hand, a lack of things in common could be a sticking point. It's hard to tell until you both get together in person and see how things flow. Good luck!


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