Is this the difference between dating and a relationship?

So I'm dating this guy and right now, he's away on vacation till the end of the month. We message back and forth on facebook and he's always saying that he can't wait to see me because he misses my lips, wants to kiss me, etc. I love kissing him but if we were in a relationship, would he also want to express actually talking to me about things? Like friends, work, life, deep thoughts, etc. I mean if we become official, I'm going to want him to want me and not just my "lovable lips."


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  • funny I'd thought it be the other way round. I'm dating this girl atm, but it's not official yet. I haven't kissed her lips though she kisses me on the cheek often and vice versa. We spend a lotta time together, and we're gonna go on vacation soon, but the reason we haven't made anything official is cos we wanna get our lives sorted first before taking full interest in each other. At least that's my reason but we're in the same boat pretty much

    at the same time I see where your coming from. It's sounds to me like your in a relationship though but prehaps not that deep into it.

    • I started to think that too - that I'm in a relationship. I mean, I have accidently referred to him as my boyfriend to someone even though we never had that conversation. Maybe when I get to spend more time with him, he'll express that more. I mean, we already kinda talk about deep things .. now and then. I just want him to express it.

      Do guys ever really express the need to talk though? I think that might be seen as a threat to masculinity.

    • For me, I want to be fun around my potential-gf so if I go kinda deep I might kill that buzz. If she goes deep, as eager as I am to listen and sympathize/help, I'd like to cheer her up by making a few jokes etc, which might backfire if its touchy lol,.... Yeah I agree what makes a relationship complete is that you can share anything, light hearted or deep and also want to hear the same from your partner, and feel comfortable doing so.

      I certainly think you've got good ground, build it slowly :)

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