First Date... Maybe?

OK, so I'm going to hang out with this girl downtown in a couple days. I like her, and I think she likes me. She did ask me to go hang out first. But it hasn't really been confirmed that it's a true date... So what do I do in this situation? Do I need to pay for lunch? I guess I keep flirting and stuff as normal right? This is my first date (maybe?) so I could use some advice! Thanks!


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  • I would consider this as just hanging out. Still flirt but be opened to more. Don't get you're hopes up either though. I would offer to pay for her lunch. Just keep your cool, and be yourself and have fun. It's guaranteed to be a better time if you do. I hope this helps and good luck =)


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  • She asked YOU to hang out? That's not a date, Sweetie. You pay for you and she pays for her -You can OFFER but you are not obligated to pay. This was HER idea. Remember? Guys usually ask the ladies on a date - Just go and have fun. A dinner would be more like a "date" .. lunches are far more casual... but it could LEAD to a date next time! No, it's not a date. Hugz.


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