Why not date me then?

Time after time, I'm told by girls, that I'm such a nice guy, fun to hang out with, cool to talk to,etc. But that they don't see me like that. If I am all these things, why not date me? is it just shallowness ? Like I understand I'm kind of fat but I'm trying to change myself. I do fully believe my body image is what's holding me back!


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  • Yeah, no offense but it's your body image. Just because a guy is nice and fun to hang out with doesn't mean you want to date him. Physical attraction still has to be there.

    Let's put it this way...would you go out with a girl that was a nice girl, fun to hang out with, and cool to talk to? But her body wasnt attractive and she didn't turn you on? Or would you just keep her as a friend? BE HONEST!

    • To be honest, ya I probaby wouldnt. . . But ya I do believe its because I'm a little bit fat that girls won't date me. If I was skinnier I think I would have a better chance

  • if your really all those things then you hvn't meet the right one yet!


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