Is he flirting or is he just too kind?

i like this guy and he has a girlfriend...we always talk..i've known him since 4th grade - 6th grade and then he left for states..after 6 years, he returned to the Philippines for a vacation.

We always have our time to chat and sometimes text..he tells me that I'm really nice, and that I'm hospitable, caring, kind and fun to be with..

there are some instance that he's so kind like

*i told him I was drying my hair

he told me that he'll be the one to blow dry it if he was near me

*I once asked him when will he come back in the Philippines..

He told me that if he returns, he wanted to have his own condo and he'll give me the keys so that I can go there anytime

* He wanted me to show him around here in the Phil

*he sends me emoticons of hugs, kisses and blush

*he is really kind to be and he always praise me.

* he once asked me why I do not have a boyfriend, I'm really nice and pretty...

and many more...does he like me?is he flirting? or is he just too kind?


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  • He likes you --- just as long as he isn't sending the same kind of message to a bunch of other women.

    Take it slowly, at least for now.

    • He's always with his the only friend that he don't stop contacting while he's here...but he's in a relationship and the girl is in the states...he'll be leaving soon I think...but he said, he'll be coming back if he can't continue his scholarship...

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  • I think he is definitely flirting!

    If you like him this isn't a bad thing, flirt a little back!

    If not, take the compliments, I WOULD :D

    Good luck!

    • I really like him...he's perfect...the only problem is, he can't be mine, at least not now because he's committed :(

    • If he's committed and still doing this, its obvious he doesn't want to be in his current situation, the only thing you can do is confront him. But make sure this other girl is not around. Not that you should be scared, but it causes unnecessary trouble.

  • I'm gonna go ahead and say he likes you. A lot.

    • He just told me that he has a crush on me...since before..does that mean anything? crush same as liking someone?

    • Yeah it's the same thing. and he told you he has a crush on you!? yay! :)