Would you date a doctor?

I'm only 21, but I started medical school already. The thing is, people have told me that girls shy away from doctors because they believe that they won't have time for them. I have a hard time countering this argument because, believe me, I've been so inundated with work already that it's been consuming all my time and energy. Still, I do have outside interests; I love music and movies and books, I like to play and watch sports and I still make time for those things. So I'd like to believe that I would be able to make time and that I'm an interesting person.


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  • You sound like a pretty smart guy - and it's great to believe you can make time to date a girl.. But have a relationship with one while going to medical school would be a challenge for the reasons you stated. You simply will not have a lot of time! But that doesn't mean you can't DATE! If you meet a girl you really like - you just tell her.. "Look, I like you so much but school is going to take a lot of my time Not that I can't make time for you - but it may be hard. If you can accept that - great. If not, then we need to part ways now before we get too involved".. Then let her make the decision. The standard "joke" is that a Dr is on call 24 hrs a day - 7 days a week and it does present a challenge. BUT if you are with the right girl .. who loves you.. ANYTHING is possible -- I trust that your mature attitude will help you find a compromise. Good luck with school!


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  • Why not?

    Maybe you can find someone who can relate to your work...Then they may be more forgiving and understanding.

  • Wow, 21 and in med school already? Usually people don't finish their undergrad till they are 22.

    Anyway, this, to me, seems like a silly question (no offense). I've found quite the opposite.

    Well, let's back up. Why do you want a relationship?! I am not sure if you know just how hard med school will get, but you are already seeing it in your first year. Why not spend your focus on getting through school first, then find someone to share your life with? I have dated med students, and it is a lot of work for them to try and maintain a relationship. While in graduate/professional program, relationships, especially new ones, just bring a lot of unnecessary stress. Just focus on school. If the right girl does come along during that time, she won't be scared of your work load.

    That being said, I have found that most girls will chase after med-students (even pre-med sometimes) because of the promising income you will have. You should be more concerned about that...

    • Heh, I haven't found anyone chasing me yet, or ever really. It's not so much that I'm looking for a relationship, it's just that there are times where I realize that it would be nice to have a female "companion"....I never really was the type to go search for relationships, but strangely, it's started to hit me now.

    • Have you thought about finding some female study partners? Not that you will date them or anything, but it may be what you need to help with your relationship cravings.

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  • Be a gynecologist. Stock up on lots of stuff with yeast, and you'll see your girlfriend more than you'll ever want to.